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SIP number service

Turnkey implementation of telephony systems

High quality signal and safety

Calls from phone, smartphone and PC

SIP number

SIP is a modern technology of information transfer by receiving and making audio and video calls, holding online conferences with a reliable Internet connection regardless of your location.

By activating the «SIP-number» service you get a multi-channel local number with the ability to use it on many devices and save it when changing location, as well as favourable and flexible billing of calls.

A convenient network of corporate telephony facilitates communication between employees within the company, allows you to quickly solve work tasks and increase the flow of customers.

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Tariff plans

Choose a tariff, leave a request, and we will do the rest for You!

Additional services

Monthly subscription fee depends on how many minutes have you used

Additionally: 5 lines - 25 UAH; 10 lines - 50 UAH; 20 lines - 75 UAH

Line configurations and tariff conditions are formed individually for each project

You can use a computer, smartphone or landline phone for making calls

Solutions deployment takes from 1 hour to 2 business days, depending on the complexity

Service benefits

Make calls profitably with cost-effective, reliable, high-quality connection

Connection speed

order and receive the customised service can be ordered and received within one day

Number selection

the opportunity to choose a beautiful number, which you can keep in case you move


the number can be used on various devices: phones, smartphones, computers


allows you to receive information about calls for a selected period and manage services from your personal cabinet

Favourable conditions

favourable tariffication, traffic included in packages and possibility of individual tariffication


multi-channel and efficient solution for processing and routing of incoming calls

How to connect?

Choose a tariff, leave a request, and we will do the rest for You!


Leave a request online or contact the manager

Manager call

We will clarify the details and set a connection time

Contract execution

The manager will prepare all the necessary documents


Our specialist will establish a connection and set up the work


Support of ready projects, training and consultations

More about the service «SIP-number»

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What is IP telephony?

IP-telephony is the general name for telephone communication, which is carried out due to data transmission over the IP protocol, i.e. through the Internet.

SIP is one of the protocols that ensures the operation of IP telephony: devices find each other by IP address and start a communication session using the SIP protocol.

These technologies allow you to move away from being tied to a location and open up wide opportunities for analytics and call tracking. To provide the service, a line is allocated on the company's side and its settings are made. For routing and storage of calls, the company's facilities, data center disk space or customer equipment are used.

SIP number is a convenient way to demonstrate your company's presence in the city. You can choose one number (if you work locally), or several numbers tied to different cities. Due to multi-channel, several customers can call your number at the same time. What's more, multiple employees can also call different customers at the same time through the same number.

  1. Cheaper than connecting and setting up an analog PBX.
  2. The client receives a multichannel number at his disposal. It is also possible to increase the number of operators in the corporate network without significant costs.
  3. Fast telephonization of the company, even if the client has just entered the office with bare walls, and there is nothing in it except a computer and headphones with a headset. There may not even be wired Internet - a high-quality 3G connection is enough.
  4. Payment for calls at basic tariffs for telephone services - regardless of where the subscriber is located. SIP numbers are cheaper than installing a regular telephone line. This is especially convenient for telephoning large enterprises with a large number of branches and departments located in different places.
  5. SIP telephony allows you to combine call data with CRM and various analytics systems. And make your business more efficient with this data. For example, thanks to SIP telephony, call tracking is possible. And with the help of call tracking, you can see from which advertising sources customers come - and make the right decisions to increase sales.
  6. With the help of SIP-telephony and call tracking, you can monitor the load on the sales department, its efficiency and control each manager by listening to calls. All this will increase the level of service and affect the percentage of deals closed.
  7. There is no geography restriction. SIP numbers from different countries can be connected to a call center or sales department, regardless of its location. For example, for the Kiev office, you can connect incoming numbers in Warsaw or London.
  8. Good eavesdropping protection, unlike traditional telephone lines.
  9. You can create a remote call center by allocating SIP numbers for it - this way you save money on equipment and office rent.
  10. Flexible settings - you can set up a complex call forwarding scheme between departments and managers, voice mail, answering machine, IVR (voice menu). You can queue calls, depending on the busyness of managers, record conversations, etc.
  11. Thanks to SIP-telephony, you can set up a callback form on the site, which will increase the number of calls.
  12. Setting up a virtual PBX in accordance with the work schedule and days off. For example, it can forward out-of-hours calls to employees' mobile numbers.

Tasks that telephony services solve:

  1. Creation of internal corporate communications.
  2. Call flow monitoring and analysis tool.
  3. The ability to track employee performance.
  4. Reducing the cost of calls due to individual billing and special services.
  5. The ability to increase sales by analyzing calls.

You can connect an unlimited number of numbers for your business tasks, including numbers of one city.



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