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Video surveillance in the store

Before buying video surveillance systems, it is important to correctly determine what angle and focus of shooting you need. Wide-angle cameras capture a large area, but you won't be able to see the details in the recording. Devices with a large focal length and a small viewing angle capture small details - such cameras are placed, for example, above the cash register.

The number of megapixels is another key characteristic: the more there are, the clearer the video. For example, a 2MP lens is enough to capture the entrance; to monitor the checkout area, where there are a lot of details, you need a more powerful camera.

Devices for the street are additionally equipped with a case that protects the «stuffing» from wind, rain, high and low temperatures. For internal cameras, a case of ordinary strength and tightness is suitable.

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What problems does video surveillance solve in a store?

Video surveillance systems perform several functions at once:

  • protect property from theft by buyers and sellers - camera recordings help to quickly find intruders;
  • prevent negligence of employees - it is possible to establish who is not fulfilling their duties;
  • ensure the safety of commercial equipment - in the event of a breakdown, you will prove who is to blame;
  • help to sort out conflicts between customers and staff —  you will quickly figure out who started the conflict;
  • help to find employees responsible for shortages and prevent theft in utility and administrative premises.

A complete installation of a video surveillance system consists of several stages:

  • designing a video surveillance system - determining the locations of cameras and their viewing angles, choosing a room for installing control modules, creating a communications scheme;
  • selection of equipment - search and purchase of cameras with certain characteristics, video recorders, control units;
  • installation of power supply - laying of power cables;
  • installation of surveillance cameras in accordance with the project - at this stage, additional equipment is also installed (routers, adapters, signal amplifiers);
  • connecting cameras to a DVR or computer - laying wiring that will connect everything into a single system;
  • setup of cameras and additional equipment - after installation, testing and adjustment of the entire system are carried out.

First of all, cameras are installed above the cash desks and at the entrance - shooting in these areas reduces the risk of theft and increases the likelihood of solving crimes.

Devices in salesrooms monitor visitors, while cameras in warehouses and administrative premises monitor employees. The tracking system in the parking lot, in front of the entrance and on the territory adjacent to the store captures crimes, violators and facts of damage to goods during acceptance.

The total cost of the project depends on several factors: the number of cameras and their types, the length of the wiring, the complexity of the installation and configuration of the system. Our experts will name the preliminary price during the consultation, the final price - after inspecting the infrastructure directly at the facility. If you plan to create a cloud-based video surveillance system, then the cost will include cameras, their installation and a monthly fee for storing information on the server.

If you do not know how to choose video surveillance, how many cameras you need, how difficult it is to create a common system, our specialists will advise you and help you determine the cost of the project.



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