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Interactive television Web TV (IPTV)

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Interactive television Web TV (IPTV)

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Interactive TV in Kharkіv

Interactive TV has become an innovation in the field of telecommunications, combining two sought after functions: access to high-quality television and the Internet. With its help, you can watch the programs of your favorite TV channels from various devices (TV, tablet, phone) while controlling the content as much as possible. And your favorite TV shows or exciting moments have become available for viewing in recording or on repeat whenever you want.

Web TV is a type of interactive TV and allows you to watch TV over the Internet. One of the main features of its work is the absence of the need for a cable or installation of additional set-top boxes to your device. For example, to use the Web TV service from the Maxnet company, you just need to download the «WEB TV» application in Google Play or the App Store.

Thus, you get high-quality Internet TV within a couple of minutes, which can be used not only on TV, but also on other devices that support IOS or Android. At the same time, it is very easy to manage the service, as you can do it right in your smartphone.

In Kharkov, you can connect to interactive TV by contacting one of the providers offering this service. The operators of the Maxnet company can give you all the necessary information on how to connect interactive television by the phone number indicated in the contacts section, or you can leave a request on the website, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

You can also activate the service using the «Макснет WEB TV» application. There you can find information about all the tariffs and features of the services provided, in particular, and how to connect Web TV.

The main features of interactive television are as follows:

  1. A large selection of excellent quality TV channels.
  2. There is no interference or delay while watching.
  3. It is possible to pause the broadcast.
  4. The service can be used simultaneously from several devices.
  5. You can ask for more information without leaving the device screen.

Obviously, interactive television provides the user with more options than its predecessor, and constantly developing technologies are gradually expanding their list.

By choosing Maxnet, in addition to the features inherent in interactive television, you get:

  • convenient and intuitive application interface;
  • the ability to quickly select and change the composition of services;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • confidence in the quality and uninterrupted provision of services.

Our company is constantly working to expand and improve the services provided, thereby ensuring their high quality and reliability.

The main package of Web TV service from Maxnet «Basic» includes 82 TV channels with a subscription fee of 99 UAH / month.

There are also six additional packages that a subscriber can order through the personal account. The amount of the monthly subscription fee for the Web TV service is equal to the cost of the «Basic» TV package. Additional packages are paid separately according to their cost.

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