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Easy SIP

"Easy SIP" is a service of connecting a national number with the index "089" using SIP technology, thanks to which you can make favourable calls to all your usual destinations (city, mobile, international). In addition, it provides an opportunity to receive fixed telephony services regardless of geographical location.

The chosen number can be used from several devices at the same time. It is also retained by you under all circumstances.

With Easy SIP service you get a secure high-quality communication throughout Ukraine.

You can use the service with all its advantages from an IP-phone, provided you have access to the Internet at a speed of 64 Kbps or via a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, where you only need to install free software.

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Easy SIP. Communication without borders

Service benefits

Make calls profitably with cost-effective, reliable, high-quality connection


makes it possible to receive fixed telephony services regardless of geographical location


the possibility to choose a beautiful number, which is kept by you in case of relocation


the ability to communicate from different devices — phone, smartphone, laptop, PC


opportunity to make favourable calls to city numbers and abroad


several members of your family can use the same number at the same time


sufficient connection speed
64 Kbps

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What is Easy SIP?

Now you can take your home number with you on business trips or holidays!

Maxnet provides Easy SIP service, thanks to which you can call to all your usual destinations (city, mobile, international) without any territorial binding in Ukraine. The chosen national number will be yours under any circumstances, and you can use it from several devices at the same time.

Easy SIP service is available in any place where there is Internet. You can also use 3G and 4G connections. You get secure and quality communication, the cost of which is more favourable compared to other methods of communication. Mobile, landline and SIP-numbers can be the receiving party, including calls that can be made abroad.

The subscriber is allocated a telephone number (SIP-number) in the format 089-9xx-xx-xx-xx, which remains unchanged and is valid anywhere in Ukraine. This makes it possible to receive incoming calls "at home", "at work" or "on holiday".

This number works in the same way as any other national number, but not tied to any region of Ukraine.

To use the service, it is enough to install a special application on your smartphone, and being in any point of Ukraine, you will be able to fully replace mobile calls with it.

You can also make calls from a computer, laptop or tablet, armed with a headset. In addition, the service can be used on landline phones. To do this, you will need an analogue telephone adapter or the appropriate Maxnet equipment in your home.

Easy SIP from Maxnet is favourable for all indicators:

  • There is no binding to a specific region of Ukraine, which gives more opportunities to users.
  • One SIP-number can be used on several devices and in different places.
  • No additional equipment is needed to make calls from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, just a headset and an app.
  • With a stable Internet connection, you get a high-quality connection without distortion and interference.
  • Multichannel: Easy SIP makes it possible to assign several lines for incoming calls to one phone number without additional technical costs.
  • Additional services such as call forwarding, voicemail, phone number selection and replacement, recording of incoming and outgoing calls are available.

To use Easy SIP you will need one of the following device options:

  • Analogue telephone. You can connect an ordinary telephone set to an IP-based system using a special VoIP gateway.
  • IP phone. This is an autonomous device for communication via IP-telephony, which is connected via wired Internet and allows you to send voice messages via Internet protocols.
  • A PC or laptop with a calling application installed on it, internet access and a headset.
  • Mobile phone or tablet with a connection to mobile or fixed Internet and with a special SIP-programme installed on it.

Our specialists will advise you on any of the options and help you choose the best solution for you.

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