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VoIP E1 gateway in SFP form factor

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VoIP E1 gateway in SFP form factor

Budget VoIP E1 gateway in SFP form factor for integrating TDM and IP networks

SFP VoIP E1 converter is used in different variants of VoIP and TDM/PSTN networks. The device is designed to solve problems in situations where the consumer needs to connect just one E1 stream to an IP network. It is installed in the sfp-slot of network equipment, which allows it to be used anywhere with network access. SFP VoIP E1 converter can perform the functions of VoIP PRI, VoIP R2D and VoIP R1.5 gateways.

Support for PRI (DSS1, QSIG, Q.931) and R2 MFC signalling systems, which are used on TMZC/PSTN networks, allows the equipment to be used for PBX refurbishment and modernisation.

The SFP VoIP VoIP E1 converter design uses unique technologies to support the E1 interface, through which the connection to the office PBX is made. The device supports hardware echo cancellation for all voice channels of the E1 stream.

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