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Telephony for business

Turnkey implementation of telephony systems

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About the service

Telephony from «Maxnet» is a reliable connection for your business. We offer comprehensive solutions for the implementation of telephony systems at an affordable price. SIP telephony is an effective tool for increasing sales, which allows you to improve the quality of customer service, automate and control the work of employees. Maxnet implements a wide range of options, taking into account the individual tasks of your business.

Service benefits

Make calls profitably with cost-effective, reliable, high-quality connection

Number selection

the opportunity to choose a beautiful number, which you can keep in case you move

Call forwarding

redirect incoming calls from one number to another


allows you to receive information about calls for a selected period and manage services from your personal cabinet

Affordable Calls

reduced telephony costs, increased profits

CRM Integration

automation of communications and work using the CRM system


multi-channel and efficient solution for processing and routing of incoming calls

Our clients

Large Ukrainian organizations, banks and universities cooperate with us

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Telephony for business

Telephony for business is one of the tools for building effective communication with customers, partners and employees. Thus, it helps in various areas where there is constant call traffic. Meanwhile, the size of the business doesn't matter.

Business telephony is necessary for the smooth operation of call centers, dispatches, delivery services, online stores, medical and educational institutions, beauty salons and many other areas of service and trade.

In particular, telephony is used to optimize the business and expand the capabilities, including:

  • prompt processing of orders and an increase in the flow of customers;
  • fast and easy building of a network for communication and its scaling;
  • the simplest possible combination of geographically distanced offices into one network;
  • many useful additional functions (voice menu, call forwarding, call recording).

It should be noted that ip telephony is the most effective, simple and economical solution for business optimization.

The principle of operation of IP telephony is to transmit a signal, that is, the speech of the interlocutor, using the Internet protocol. The equipment receives it, encodes it into digital format, compresses it and sends it to the communication channel — the Internet. On the receiving side, the actions are performed in reverse order, and the second interlocutor hears speech. In other words, calls are made over the Internet. This allows using various means of conversation:

  • analog telephone equipped with a VoIP gateway;
  • a computer with a connected headset (microphone + headphones) and special software — a softphone, which imitates a telephone;
  • IP phones (look like regular phones, but have a network connection);
  • a mobile phone that works in GSM and Wi-Fi networks (also with an installed softphone).

IP telephony for the office significantly expands the user's capabilities and provides a number of the following advantages:

  • saving funds (calls within the network are free, to numbers of other operators and to other countries — the maximum cheap);
  • mobility (no connection to the provider or an office location);
  • a wide range of communication means (network and wireless equipment);
  • data security (signal encryption and data backup);
  • built-in analytics that allows tracking the work of employees, the effectiveness of advertising and customer requests;
  • high quality of communication (minimum distortion and interference during a call).

Thus, IP telephony for online stores, service centers, consulting firms and many other areas of business allows you to increase conversion, minimize costs and receive analytics in all aspects of telephone service.

The telephony provider is responsible for setting up and maintaining the service. For example, if a customer needs telephony to the office, then all that is needed is to provide the devices that will be used for calls and install the necessary program. The rest is handled by the telecom operator, to which the subscriber further addresses on service issues.

The specialists of the company «Maxnet» as quickly as possible connect sip telephony technology (one of the leading types of ip telephony) and provide technical support to their subscribers 24/7.



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