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Training CRM

Automation of business processes

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CRM training

The effectiveness of using a CRM system is directly proportional to the ability of employees to use it. An employee who knows their product, sales techniques, and productivity tools like CRM is very valuable. Such an employee becomes a much more important combat unit than an employee without CRM skills.

What will the training of a CRM system give?

Integration results that will be visible immediately

Time saving

the company does not «stuff its own bumps», employees will immediately start working in the service correctly

Help with adaptation

painless transition to a new system for employees

Understanding functionality

use of all the capabilities of the CRM implemented at the enterprise

Increasing conversion

the logic of work in CRM will become as clear as possible, there will be more time for new clients

System management

basic understanding of how system automation works to improve work efficiency

No more loss

when it is clear how to work, notebooks and leaves are gone forever

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Why is training needed?
Often, when implementing a CRM system in a company, customers believe that after the development of labor-intensive technical specifications, system settings and various integrations - the most important thing is done, the magic program is launched and now everything will start work. Not all companies take the time to train their employees and adapting them to work in the new system. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to the fact that the configured CRM is "gathering dust" on the shelf, no one in the system works, and investments are simply buried.
The training program is quite flexible and is designed to cover all aspects of the program. Our experts, understanding all the subtleties settings of your CRM system will be based on the needs of Your company. We provide both group and individual lessons. Perhaps profile training of entire departments of the company or personally responsible workers. After training, you will receive video materials, to always be able to refresh the knowledge gained in memory. And so we are sure to create a chat in messengers, in which even after training Your employees will be able to ask a question and quickly get an answer to it.

Nothing motivates an employee to complete CRM like regular verification of results through the CRM system. If the guide after implementation will continue to require employees to use the old reports in the old format - nothing will work!

We will teach you how to optimally monitor all work processes in companies, see the performance of each employee thanks to CRM system. How to set tasks and control their execution, how to unload reports and build the workflow as efficiently as possible.

CRM product is multifaceted, each role in the system will have its own scenarios work and values. It is very important not to overload employees information, so we will prepare for managers only the information which they need to work.

Let's talk about working with clients, receiving and processing orders, conducting payments, integration of accounting and warehouse services, creation of a funnel sales, taking into account the specifics of your business, product (service) and target audience. And of course we will provide support at every stage of training.



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