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Number 0800

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Number 0800

Looking to stay in touch with your customers 24/7? There is a solution — get a multi-channel 0800 virtual number. It is free for calls from mobile or landline numbers within Ukraine, so customers are more willing to call it.

The convenience of using a single number is that you can customise it to your own needs and use it on your website and in advertising channels instead of numbers of several operators. Setting the appropriate parameters ensures automatic distribution of simultaneous incoming calls among the company's employees. In addition, when ordering the service, the 0800 number is retained by your organisation even in the event of a change of physical address.

We are ready to help you take advantage of all the possibilities of this effective tool for the development of your business.

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Tariff plans

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Service capabilities

Make calls profitably with cost-effective, reliable, high-quality connection

Easy to remember

the number stands out among others, inspires confidence


calls to 0800 will be free for your customers


the 0800 number is retained when the physical address is changed

Call distribution

the incoming flow of calls arrives at one number and is then distributed in the system


the concept of «busy line» is excluded, not a single call will be missed


enhances the image and status of the company for potential customers

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What does the 0800 number give?

A free telephone line allows you to increase the number of incoming calls, increase customer loyalty and create an image of a reliable company. According to statistics, using the 0800 number makes it possible to raise the level of trust in the organization by 30-40% and increase the number of sales. With its help, you can track incoming calls to assess the effectiveness of advertising and control the work of operators (conversations recording, missed calls accounting).

Using the service 0800 number from «Maxnet», you get the following benefits:

  • a large selection of numbers with the opportunity to purchase an exclusive «gold», «silver» or «platinum» number to increase the recognition of the organization;
  • expanding opportunities for marketing research and promotions;
  • flexible setting that allows you to make the number multichannel;
  • unique package offers for subscribers handling a large number of calls;
  • the ability to connect additional services: virtual PBX, landline, IVR-menu, service of recording and statistics of conversations.

There is also a special offer for individual number selection, by which you can buy a number 0800 at a discount.

To connect the 0800 number, you need to leave a request on the website or contact the service and information center. The operator will provide you with detailed information about the service and clarify the details to select the appropriate configuration. This is followed by the conclusion of a contract, connection and configuration of the service itself, after which the subscriber can immediately start using it.

One of the examples is the use of the 0800 number by an online store, where it is important for the buyer to be able to quickly, easily and economically contact the seller. This will be helped by a toll-free telephone line for customers, which will increase the number of incoming calls, and, accordingly, profit.

The 0800 number is widely used to organize the work of support services, call centers, dispatching and hot lines. This service allows companies to maintain constant and uninterrupted communication with clients in various areas of business. Thus, travel agencies, banks, educational centers, charitable organizations and foundations are users of the 0800 number.

Calls to 0800 numbers from a mobile are no different from calls from a landline phone. All you need is to enter the subscriber's number and press the call button. You do not need to enter additional codes or characters.

Calls to 0800 are free for mobile and landline subscribers, since the call is paid by the receiving party (the company that ordered the service).

For the receiving party, the company «Maxnet» provides a flexible system of tariffs for the service number 0800, the price of which ranges from 0.4 to 0.46 UAH / min with VAT, which allows you to choose the optimal solution for both small and medium-sized or large businesses.

The 0800 number is available within Ukraine and is not intended for calls from abroad, since other countries have their own combinations of numbers for the free telephone line.

Given the specifics of the service, 0800 number works only for receiving calls. It is not possible to make outgoing calls from this number.



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