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Automation of business processes

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a multifunctional tool for all employees of the organization who interact with customers in one way or another. Proper management of the CRM system enables, in the shortest possible time, to significantly increase the efficiency of the company and its employees, increase profits and develop the business much faster and more successfully.

What will the implementation of CRM in Your company give?

Integration results that will be visible immediately

One step ahead

instant access to the history of interactions with an incoming call

Increase conversions

increase in the number of calls and the quality of their processing, control of transactions

Don't lose clients

each client's request or call goes into a single system and will not be lost

Online process management

setting and tracking tasks, time tracking are available in one click

Analytics in numbers and graphs

visual presentation of information on the results of work

Marketing management

аnalysis of the market and consumer behavior, the formation of a marketing strategy

Get a consultation for free

Our manager will contact You and prepare an individual solution for Your business

Implementation process step by step

5 steps to improve efficiency that we will pass with You

CRM system selection

We analyze business processes and select the optimal CRM system

Preparation of technical assignment

We collect requirements, analyze business processes, draw up a task

System implementation

We configure for Your needs, customize integrations


Personal training and guides for managers and employees

System performance analysis

We help to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation, provide recommendations

Technical support and consultations

We consult and help to sort out the issues at any time

Our clients

Large Ukrainian organizations, banks and universities cooperate with us

Need training?

We will teach your managers and executives to sell more, teach how to work with CRM tools, all communication channels, work with a sales funnel, assigning people in charge, etc.

Teach employees and managers to work together and keep up complete tasks on time thanks to the functionality of tasks, if the task delivered to the CRM system means it will be completed on time.

To teach all employees to work in a single information space: chats, deals, work with documents, calendar, work reports, business processes and other tools for working in office or home.

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Technical support for CRM systems

We configure and modify the CRM system taking into account your individual business processes and requests.

Perform data transfer, backup, configuration robots and triggers, individual reports and a whole range of technical services by our technical specialists.

We integrate third-party services with your corporate portal.

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More about CRM systems

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Is it possible to modify the CRM system for your business processes?

You can send us a description of the improvements by e-mail crm@maxnet.ua, you want to implement, or a technical task. Our experts will consider your wishes and either offer an alternative solution or send commercial proposal with the timing and cost of implementation of the revision.

Using a CRM system will allow you to achieve better sales results, systematize the work process, structure clients. You can also see the stages of deals, automate tasks, make additional sales and trigger mailings - and this is only a small part opportunities that open up when using CRM.

The initial consultation with us is completely free for all clients, regarding the cost of implementation, it depends on many factors, You can discuss in more detail with our specialist at the online presentation.

Usually, the implementation of the system takes from 2 weeks to a month, but it depends on the complexity of your business processes, necessary improvements and additional factors that may appear.



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