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SIP-Trunk service

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SIP-Trunk is a virtual communication channel between two PBXs, which allows to connect any number of telephone lines and numbers, both landline and 0800. In other words, it is a single communication backbone for the combined PBXs that operates over the Internet. It is a flexible solution that allows you to scale your communication system by increasing the number of channels and to change locations while retaining phone numbers.

Compared to digital telephone stream (PRI) connection, SIP connection is much more reliable and mobile due to the fact that it allows you to use multiple Internet connections. As a result, you can conveniently and efficiently communicate with your customers regardless of location.

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Service capabilities

Make calls profitably with cost-effective, reliable, high-quality connection


channel subscription fee and provision of individual numbers lower compared to standard telephony


ability to manage easily and quickly number resource and lines

Technological efficiency

the service provides high quality and maximum voice transmission speed

High productivity

using the service allows operators to receive a greater number of calls


risk minimisation through security settings


the service is supported on different PBXs and devices regardless of your office location

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What is a SIP-Trunk?

A single communication channel with wide functionality and flexible settings, which is easy to connect on the basis of an existing PBX.

A SIP-Trunk is a virtual communication channel between two PBXes, which allows you to connect any number of telephone lines and numbers. In other words, it is a single communication backbone for interconnected PBXes that operates over the internet

The company Maxnet provides a SIP-Trunk as a complex service, which may include several SIP numbers, SIP lines and a city code for outgoing calls.

The principle of a SIP-Trunk operation is to assign special identifiers (prescribed codes) to each of the PBXes. One of the parties becomes the recipient of the data, and the other — the giver. It is thanks to their unique identifiers that both points are connected into a single communication channel, for which their actual geolocation does not matter.

The SIP-Trunk service is needed to organize fast, high-quality and reliable communication between employees and customers. Moreover, it allows the use of the possibilities offered by SIP-telephony to the existing PBX. That is, it is a means of optimizing work processes to improve the quality of customer service and the overall working capacity of the company. It is also a fast and economical way to scale the telephone network.

Connecting to the SIP-Trunk service gives the subscriber the following benefits:

  • savings — the subscription fee for the communication channel and SIP-number is much lower than for traditional telephone lines;
  • flexible tariff system — SIP-tariffs vary depending on their content, which allows you to find an effective solution for businesses of any size;
  • technology — the use of digital protocols for information exchange provides high-speed connection and reliable communication;
  • high productivity — the use of the service allows operators to receive a greater number of calls;
  • security — by extending network functionality (encryption, identification of received and missed calls, etc.) risks are minimised;
  • universality — SIP-numbers issued by the provider work on different PBXs and devices regardless of the actual location of the workplace.


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