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Maxnet offers its customers a full range of data transmission and Internet access services based on its own transport fiber-optic network.

Modern technologies and equipment, a quality-oriented approach to providing services and a flexible pricing policy provide our customers with high access speed, connection stability, the highest level of service and reasonable rates.

Tariff plans

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*Connection is available via FTTx / ETTH / xPON technologies, depending on the available technical capability at your address.
Due to the peculiarities of the services provision, the tariff policy for some addresses may differ from that indicated on the site.

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Better together! When connecting to Internet services, you get the opportunity to connect a city telephone number with a -50% discount on current tariffs.

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Internet for business

High-quality connection to the World Wide Web has become one of the integral components of a successful business. This is not only constant access to information, but also well-established communication with customers and employees, optimization of many work processes and prompt implementation of new solutions. Read more about the possibilities and methods of connecting the corporate internet below.

Most often, talking about the internet for business, we mean the connection to the internet of the office. That is, providing a stable and uninterrupted internet connection for a large number of devices.

This way, many tasks are solved, namely:

  • constant support of communication with clients and employees;
  • optimization and control of workers, for example, the use of cloud storage and CRM systems;
  • organization of remote workplaces.

In addition to the above, high-quality internet in the office means comfort and care for employees and customers, which is an important component of a positive image of the company.

The corporate internet, first, must be reliable and uninterrupted. After all, many business processes and the quality of their implementation depend on this. An important role is also played by the internet speed in the office, which should correspond to the number of devices using the network, and the volume of traffic passing through them.

For example, to browse websites, use mail and instant messengers, work with documents a speed of up to 100 Mbps will be enough.

If employees exchange a large amount of data, participate in video conferencing, and it is also necessary to ensure the stable operation of online platforms, it is better to choose a speed of up to 500 Mbps.

For systems with heavy demands and fast loading of large volume files, the speed requirements are even higher - up to 1 Gbps.

It is also worth considering that the internet speed in the office depends not only on the provider, but also on the equipment used to organize the network.

First of all, you need to choose a provider. Then you need to leave a request for connecting to the internet on the website or contact the service and information center. The operator will give you detailed information about the services you are interested in and agree on the time and date for the specialist's visit. This is required to accurately calculate the financial and time costs.

After the scope of work and the timing of their implementation are determined, the provider will offer to conclude a contract. If the selected company evades this point, it is better to contact another telecommunications service provider. Then, at the agreed time and day, the master carries out all the necessary work to connect the service and install the equipment.

Choosing a company to connect to the corporate internet, you should pay attention to its reputation, the system of tariff plans, the equipment used and technical support. Read carefully also the terms of the contract to protect yourself from possible risks.

The Maxnet company provides high speed and individual connection conditions to ensure reliable internet for corporate clients. For maximum convenience, a flexible tariff system has been developed that suits both small and medium or large businesses. Moreover, a wide range of additional services allows you to maximize customer satisfaction and improve the quality of service.

By connecting the internet for business from "Maxnet", you also get:

  • complex services (installation and setup of equipment);
  • the cost fixed in the contract, which does not depend on the method of payment;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • real IP address;
  • a guarantee of speed and reliability.

It is also possible to connect a dedicated internet access, the connection speed for which will remain unchanged even during peak traffic.

The cost of the internet for business directly depends on its speed. The Maxnet company offers its clients three corporate internet tariff plans:

  • Business 200 - from 200 UAH / month;
  • Business 500 - from 375 UAH / month;
  • Business Gig - from 600 UAH / month

Also, the cost of connection includes installation work and the purchase of the necessary equipment. For an accurate calculation of the cost and timing of work, Maxnet specialists visit the place of connection before concluding a service agreement. Thus, the client always knows in advance the cost of all complex works.



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