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Video surveillance in an apartment building

Video surveillance systems in residential complexes help to reduce the number of offenses, prevent hooliganism and increase the efficiency of crime detection. The installation of cameras increases the level of public safety, in particular through crime prevention.

What functions does video surveillance perform in apartment buildings:

  • cameras recognize all visitors who enter the local area or entrances;
  • systems keep order in parking lots, and residents watch cars directly from apartments;
  • equipment reduces the risk of damage to common house property, helps to maintain order in elevators - due to the constant recording of illegal actions;
  • with the help of cameras, parents watch their children who walk in the yard and on playgrounds;
  • systems help to maintain cleanliness in the territory of an apartment building.

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What are the best cameras for video surveillance in the house?

One of the key criteria is the viewing angle. Wide-angle cameras capture a large area and shoot the big picture without small details. Devices with a telephoto lens recognize small objects well, but capture events in a small area.

Another significant parameter is light sensitivity. Devices with high light sensitivity shoot even in semi-darkness, and this is important when, for example, it is necessary to constantly monitor the local area. If the camera is additionally equipped with infrared illumination, then it can shoot even in complete darkness.

It is better to buy outdoor equipment with a moisture-proof anti-vandal case - such a shell will not let moisture in and withstand mechanical damage.

Video surveillance in an apartment building is a fixation of events that occur in different zones and premises. Where is it better to install cameras and what should be the equipment:

  • at the entrance - wide-angle cameras in anti-vandal housing with high light sensitivity and infrared illumination for shooting in the dark;
  • in the elevator - cameras with a long-focus lens for fixing details with medium light sensitivity;
  • near the house, in the parking lot, in the yard — high-quality wide-angle cameras in a waterproof and vandal-proof housing;
  • on floors, flights of stairs, in office premises - inconspicuous cameras with a long-focus lens, infrared illumination, and motion sensors.

Recordings from cameras can be stored on physical media or on a virtual server. In the first case, the cameras will automatically upload information to the built-in memory cards or hard drives connected to the system, in the second case, the devices will send all the information to a remote server - to the cloud. The performance of such virtual storage is provided by the provider. This system can be supplemented with flash drives or memory cards: if the connection with the virtual cloud is interrupted, the cameras will record information on the media, and after the connection is restored, they will be sent to the server.



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