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SIP - telephony

Calls from phone, smartphone, PC

Favorable rates for calls abroad

64Kbps connection speed is sufficient

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Land line number in SIP format. Communication without borders

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Make calls profitably with cost-effective, reliable, high-quality connection

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you can choose a beautiful and memorable number


calls from phone, smartphone, PC


it is profitable to make calls to landline numbers and abroad


enough connection speed of 64 Kbps


multi-channel communication without additional technical costs

HD Voice

improved sound quality for voice communications

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SIP telephony for home in Kharkiv

With the Internet alone, you have a wide variety of available functions. They can even be joined by telephone communication. «Maxnet» provides a SIP telephony service for the home, thanks to which you can make calls to all destinations familiar to you (landline, mobile). The selected landline number will be yours under any circumstances, and you can use it from several devices at the same time.

To be able to make calls, you need access to the Internet. With a stable connection and a speed of at least 128 Kbps, you will have a secure and high-quality connection at a better cost compared to other communication methods. You will pay only for the minutes you have spoken, at a rate without a monthly subscription fee. The receiving party can be mobile, landline and SIP numbers, including calls abroad.

If you install a special application on your smartphone, then you can use the technology at any time and fully replace mobile calls with it. Subscribers also can make calls from a computer, laptop or tablet, armed with a headset.

The principle of operation of SIP telephony is to transmit a signal, that means, the speech of the talker, using the Internet protocol. The equipment receives it, encodes it into digital format, compresses it and sends it to the communication channel - the Internet. On the receiving side, the actions are performed in reverse order, and the other person hears speech. In other words, calls are made over the Internet.

IP telephony from Maxnet is beneficial by all means:

  • You can connect the service yourself in your personal account.
  • One SIP number can be used on several devices at once and in different cities.
  • For calls from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, no additional equipment is needed, a headset and an application will be enough.
  • Calls to Maxnet numbers are free, which is beneficial for communicating with family and friends.
  • With a stable Internet connection, you get a high-quality connection without distortion and interference.
  • Technical support works for you around the clock.
  • Additional services are available, such as call forwarding, voice mail, selection and replacement of a phone number, recording of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It is convenient to connect telephony, digital television and home Internet with one telecom operator — we guarantee quality service in all respects.

If you want to connect a SIP number to your landline phone, you need an analog adapter. For SIP conversations from laptops, tablets, smartphones and computers, you only need the appropriate application. Our operator will help you install the software and advise on all issues.

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