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About Company

20 years of successful work

40+ services for businesses and individuals

Every second subscriber has been with us for over 6 years

About Maxnet

«Maxnet» is a gigabit provider and telecom operator that provides a full range of telecommunications services. It includes Gigabit Internet, TV, SIP-telephony with landline and 0800 numbers, Video surveillance, cloud services, etc.

For more than 20 years of existence, we have been introducing innovative digital technologies based on own network infrastructure, which we systematically modernize and expand. And also every year we launch new directions and services, expanding opportunities for our subscribers.

«Maxnet» has the own fiber optic backbone built using FTTB/FTTH technology with managed switches. In addition, direct channels with "1+1" redundancy to Eastern and Western Europe provide our customers with less than 20 ms latency to popular resources.

The company has been repeatedly awarded for its contribution to the development of telecommunications services and received the status of the fastest Internet provider in Kharkiv according to Speedtest Ookla. Therefore, our customers trust us, and every second subscriber has been with us for more than 6 years. Highly qualified and round-the-clock support of specialists is always at your service.

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Why us?

We have our own fibre network

with redundant channels

Maxnet's skilled team

with extensive experience in the telecom industry does everything possible to provide a more autonomous and secure digital life

Provide gigabit Internet access

with minimal delays

Use and implement innovative technology

to ensure quality of modern services

Offer integrated solutions and services

for home and business

Building reliable and transparent relationships

with everyone

Development history of the company

The most significant periods in the development of work areas and provided services

Our partners

We cooperate with renowned international companies and corporations


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Certificates and licenses

Technologies, equipment, materials meet international requirements