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Video surveillance in a private house

An important component of a comprehensive security system that is always under your control.

A video surveillance system for a private house is the ability to remotely control everything that happens both inside the building and in the surrounding area. Thus, you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world and quickly respond to any problems and questions that arise in it.

The «Maxnet» company offers installation of local and cloud video surveillance systems on a turnkey basis. Our specialists will develop an individual project for you according to the design features of the house and the surrounding area, as well as install and configure the necessary equipment in the shortest possible time.

As a result, you will receive an effective control system that allows you to:

  • remotely monitor your home at any time of the day;
  • view and download video archive;
  • set alarm zones and lines for receiving notifications;
  • make guests' faces recognition;
  • record the numbers of all vehicles entering the territory.

To learn more about all the possibilities of video surveillance services in a private house from Maxnet, you can contact our manager by phone number: 0800-31-09-09

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Why video surveillance is necessary in a private house?

Installing a video surveillance system in a private house is an additional protection of the home and the surrounding area, which helps to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents of the house. Video surveillance in a private house is necessary for:

  • increasing the level of security;
  • instant inspection of the entire territory;
  • protection from unscrupulous neighbors and resolving disputes;
  • figuring out all the details in case of breaking and entering of third parties.

In addition to protecting the home and property, video surveillance is the control of everything that happens. Thus, you can:

  • monitor the work of a nanny and the behavior of children;
  • look after elderly relatives;
  • oversee pets;
  • promptly respond to a domestic accident (flood, fire, etc.).

To install an effective and maximum space-covering video surveillance system in a private house, the following factors must be considered:

  • architectural features of the building and the surrounding area;
  • tracked area;
  • camera installation locations;
  • maximum temperature difference in the installation area of the system;
  • viewing angle and focal length of video cameras;
  • data storage system (local or cloud storage).

«Maxnet» specialists have extensive experience in designing and installing video surveillance systems and offer ready-made solutions for connecting, configuring and maintaining the system.

The organization of video surveillance in a private house from the «Maxnet» company is carried out according to an individual project to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort in each individual case. In this regard, the cost of installing the system depends on the type and number of video cameras, as well as the necessary equipment for their installation and connection. The final cost of video surveillance services is provided by our specialists after preliminary consultation, system selection and visual inspection of the object. All consulting services are provided free of charge.



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