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Nationwide number 089: features and advantages of using it

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Nationwide number 089: features and advantages of using it

Nationwide number 089: features and advantages of using it




Earlier we have already told you about the features of the 0800 number. And today we will share information about phone numbers that start with 089, because they cause interest and questions for many people.

What is a number with the index 089?

The introduction of SIP-numbers in Ukraine began in the early 2000s. It was the time when Internet technologies started to develop actively, and at the same time many companies were looking for alternative ways of communication in order to reduce their costs for international calls.

An important step for standardisation and regulation of the SIP-number market in Ukraine was the introduction of the 089 code, the numbers with which are used to provide SIP-telephony services. The 089 code was introduced to separate numbers used by virtual operators and VoIP providers from traditional telephone numbers. I.e. index 089 in the number identifies a specific operator, where the next digit after 089 is the code of the operator that provides services. For example, the number resource of Maxnet will look like this: 089-9ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ-ХХ, where “9” is the code of the operator.

Thus, telephone numbers that start with 089 are nationwide virtual telephone numbers intended for making calls over the Internet. In general, subscribers are allocated a SIP-number in the format 089-XXX-XXX-XXX, which remains unchanged and is valid in any settlement of Ukraine. This gives an opportunity to receive incoming calls to the city number “in your pocket” in any place (at home, at work, on holiday).

Nowadays SIP-numbers with the code 089 have become a standard tool for many businesses and individuals who are looking for a reliable and budget-friendly way of communication. Such numbers are actively used in call centres, remote working and international business. To use numbers that start with 089, an IP-phone, office IP-PBX or cloud PBX, computer, smartphone or tablet are suitable. Read more about the equipment for SIP-telephony here.

Differences between numbers that start with 089 and other numbers

  • Virtuality

    Numbers that start with 089 do not require physical phone lines. As all calls are made over the internet, this makes them convenient for businesses and private users who frequently change their location.

  • Versatility

    The number with the 089 index allows you to call numbers of the city telephone network, networks of mobile operators, use intercity and international communication.

  • Mobility

    089 numbers can be used on different devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers, via special applications.

Advantages of 089 code number

  1. Geographical independence

    The number with the code 089 works in the same way as any other national number. But it is not tied to a specific region of Ukraine, so its use is available anywhere you have access to the Internet.

  2. Saving money

    Calls to 089 numbers between subscribers of your network are free of charge, and calls to numbers of other operators' networks are charged at a cheaper rate compared to landline networks. There are no additional charges for calls to such numbers. In general, the use of VoIP-technology allows you to significantly reduce the cost of long-distance and international calls due to the fact that they are made via the Internet.

  3. Easy scalability

    You can easily add new numbers or lines without having to physically change your infrastructure. And with easy-to-use web-based interfaces, you can quickly change settings or add new features.

  4. Advanced functionality

    Many SIP services offer a voicemail feature that sends notifications to the user's email. You can also set up automatic call forwarding to other numbers or devices, as well as integrate the number with your CRM to automate and improve customer service.

  5. Improved call quality

    Compared to traditional telephony, SIP numbers with 089 code provide high quality audio (HD Voice), so communication is improved.

  6. Increased security

    VoIP providers encrypt calls between numbers that start with 089 to protect against eavesdropping and use additional authentication methods to secure accounts.


The phone number that starts with 089 is a common Ukrainian SIP number, which is used for communication in different spheres of activity. If you want to be in touch with each other at any time and in any situation, we advise you to use the described convenient way of communication from the company Maxnet. We provide Easy SIP service on favourable terms. To get more detailed information about the service and order its connection, follow the link.





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