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What equipment do you need to operate SIP-telephony?

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What equipment do you need to operate SIP-telephony?

What equipment do you need to operate SIP-telephony?




SIP telephony service is one of the most common technologies in business today. It allows you to conveniently make phone calls over the Internet on the basis of the standard protocol SIP, which is responsible for the transmission of voice data. The use of such technology is especially beneficial for companies that are engaged in sales or customer service, have branches, work with remote employees, and also make calls to other countries. About what equipment is necessary to receive and make calls in the SIP-telephony system, you will learn from the material in this article.

How to organize calls using SIP-telephony?

To use SIP-telephony you will need one of the following device options:

  1. An analog telephone. You can connect an ordinary telephone set to an IP-telephony-based system using a special VoIP-gateway.
  2. IP phone. This is an autonomous device for communication via IP-telephony, which is connected via wired Internet and allows you to send voice messages via Internet protocols.
  3. A PC or laptop with a calling application installed on it, Internet access and a headset.
  4. Cell phone or tablet with a connection to mobile or fixed Internet and with a special SIP-program installed on it.

Below we will consider the specifics of using each of the SIP-telephony equipment options.

Analog phone

Used in conjunction with a special adapter, a traditional analog phone allows you to use the modern functionality of SIP-telephony.

  • Saving on the purchase of new equipment if you have models of traditional phones
  • Easy connection to IP-gateway
  • High quality and long service life of IP-gateway
  • Possibility to connect from 2 devices (depending on the number of ports)
  • Lower sound quality compared to using an IP phone
  • Probability of difficulties with independent configuration of the device
  • Probably lack of special keys on the phone (call transfer, etc.).

The use of analog telephones is the best solution when you need to switch an existing network without having to significantly re-equip it.

IP phone

This is already a modern telephone set (wired or wireless), which consists of a telephone handset, a block of keys and a display. From the outside, an IP phone is similar to a regular landline phone, but differs from it by having a port to which an Internet cable can be connected to make Internet calls, and more functionality.

Usually IP-phones have a number of additional features such as video calls, conference calls, call forwarding, voicemail, etc. They also provide high quality sound. And users who need mobility in the office or at home, can choose for themselves wireless IP-phones that work on the DECT standard.

The prices of these devices are very different, so you should choose a specific one based on your needs. You can familiarize yourself with some of the models and purchase them from us.

PC or laptop

If you have a small contact center, this is the best option. To make calls on a PC or laptop, you will need a headset or microphone and a sound output source (headphones, speakers) connected to your computer. Plus there are different programs, the choice of which depends on the operating system (OS) on which your PC or laptop is running. Let's start by looking at programs for Windows devices.

With Windows operating system

  1. MicroSIP – a free softphone program with a simple configuration and a number of different settings (change ports, STUN server, selection of equipment microphone/speakers), support for different modes ("Do Not Disturb", "Auto Answer") and a wide range of functionality (redirecting calls to other employees, recording conversations).
  2. Zoiper – softphone-program for making calls on the Internet in any direction. It is available in two versions: free with basic functionality for calls and paid with advanced functionality (the ability to connect more than one account, record a conversation, transfer a call, make a call with one click from a browser, perform encryption using TLS, SRTP and ZRTP protocols).

Among the widely available free SIP-clients you can still use such as Linphone and PhonerLite.

With MacOS operating system

Among the applications designed to make phone calls over the Internet on PCs or Apple laptops, it is worth highlighting the following:

  1. Telephone – softphone-program with a minimum number of settings (support STUN server, the ability to change the local port, the function of saving call history, synchronization of contacts with macOS).
  2. Zoiper – we have already told you about this program above.

Smartphone or tablet

You can also install calling programs on smartphones that run on Android or iOS platforms. But keep in mind that to ensure a reliable connection, the Internet speed should be from 90 Kbps.

There are many applications that differ from each other in functionality and other criteria. To choose exactly yours, we advise you to test different options first.

Among the most popular Android and iOS applications used by our clients, we would like to list the following:

  1. Zoiper is a mobile version of the program with a user-friendly and clear interface. It is available with a free and paid license. Despite the limitations of the free version (no PUSH messages, etc.), it is quite suitable for ordinary voice calls. The paid version gives the possibility of integration with CRM.
  2. Linphone – this program can be called almost universal. Thanks to its wide functionality, it allows you to work with multiple accounts, simultaneously use IPv6 and IPv4 protocols, set and display user status, forward calls, record and save conversations, and hold conferences.
  3. X-Lite is a convenient and also free SIP-client, without encryption, with a simple and pleasant interface. It allows you to use one account and two lines for calls, make and record video calls, send text messages, hold conferences (with up to three participants), and save call histories.

In general, when choosing equipment for SIP-telephony, we advise you to focus on the following criteria:

  • Compatibility of the provider's services with your current infrastructure.
  • Ability to connect multiple devices.
  • Availability of additional features (fax, voicemail, conference calling, ready integration, etc.).
  • Level of battery efficiency of wireless devices.
  • Whether the cost of purchasing and maintaining the devices fits your budget.

If you need high quality and stable communication, IP phones are the best choice. If you have traditional analog phones, it is enough to buy only VoIP-gateways. If you need to organize a workplace for a secretary or administrator, we recommend a portable IP-phone or an analog telephone set connected to a VoIP gateway.

We remind you that you can find and order the necessary IP-telephony equipment on our website.



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