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How to set up and connect any router

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How to set up and connect any router

How to set up and connect any router




The ability to configure a router yourself will never be superfluous. Especially if you accidentally reset the settings while dusting or if you decide to get a more modern model. Today we will share universal tips for setting up and connecting. They will help you easily prepare your router for work, regardless of the manufacturer and year of production.

How to connect a router correctly

A router (Wi-Fi router) is a network device for receiving and transmitting traffic packets to several recipients. With it, you can set up a home or corporate network by connecting a computer, laptop, TV, tablet and smartphones via Wi-Fi and a network wire. Typically, the set includes the device itself, one or more antennas, a patch cord and a power supply.

Today, routers are produced by many companies. Devices may look different, however, for ease of setup, the web interface is made according to the same principle.

Let's start by properly connecting the router. Before installation, consider the future location of the device, observing the following rules:

  • it is better to hang the device on the wall, not far from the socket;
  • place it away from the radiotelephone, microwave and other devices operating at an adjacent frequency;
  • do not place it near reflective surfaces (mirrors);
  • ideally, you need to find a point equidistant from all possible workplaces in the house, in practice - closer to the center of the apartment, but not near the load-bearing wall.

Note! For the best reception and transmission of the signal, it is recommended to position the antenna strictly vertically.

After choosing a location, you need to connect the device to the network. Plug the power cord into the outlet on the device and into a socket. The indicator should light up. If it doesn't, check the On/Off switch on the case.

You should connect the network cable of your provider to the WAN port (usually the first port on the case, highlighted in a different color).

Next, take a patch cable and use it to connect the port of the network card of the computer (or laptop) and any of the other ports of the router.

Basic settings

After connecting, the router will immediately create an insecure network, the name of which, most often, corresponds to the router model. To secure the connection and configure the Internet, open a browser on a computer (tablet or laptop) connected (whether via Wi-Fi or cable) to the router. In the address bar, type the address of the router: or The manufacturer usually indicates the address on the case.

If you fail to connect, reset your device to factory settings. For this, press and hold the WPS / RESET button for about 10-15 seconds until the indication flashes frequently.

Note! The RESET button is not designed to just restart the device, it returns its settings to the initial ones.

After resetting and going to the address of the router, You will see a login and password entry form. This data is also indicated on the case, and, most often, by default it is set as “Login - admin, password - admin”. Later in the security settings, it is advisable to change the password to a more complex one.

  • "Advanced settings" — "Basic settings" — "WAN".
  • A page will appear, where you need to find the line "Network connection and authorization protocol" / "Connection type" / "WAN connection type" and set it to "Obtain an IP address automatically" / "Dynamic IP".

    Next, you need to find the MAC address field (can be placed in a separate menu "Mac clone") to write there the address assigned by your provider in the contract. This is required to establish a connection. If you connected the router to the computer on which you initially used the Internet, click on the "Clone MAC address" / "Scan MAC addresses of connected clients" button (if the program has found several, select the one specified in the contract).

    If the data on the MAC address specified in the contract has been lost, our article on how to find out your MAC addresswill be useful to You.

    Further, if you are setting up TotoLink, You have the following points. Mark them as shown in the picture:

    After the described actions, you need to click on the "Save" button and on the "Restart" button. Then, the router will connect to the Internet and begin its «tethering".

    To protect the network with a password, go back to the web interface of the router at an already known address, log in and go to the wireless connection settings. ("Wi-Fi network" / Wireless settings / "Wi-Fi basic settings"). In this menu, it is possible to rename the network.

    Next, you need to find the line "Encryption type" / "Wireless security" and select the WPA2 / WPA PSK encryption mode. If it is possible to choose the type of encryption, use AES. This is a modern way to protect transmitted data, which also allows achieving high connection speeds.

    The next step is to come up with and enter a password to secure the network. Try to use numbers and Latin letters in different registers. After assigning a password, save the settings and reboot the device.

    This completes the basic configuration of the router. Below, You can watch a video with a clear example of setting up a TotoLink router.



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