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Why we need a MAC address, how to find out and change it

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Why we need a MAC address, how to find out and change it

Why we need a MAC address, how to find out and change it




Does the advice “Just change the MAC address yourself” make You look questioning? In fact, this is a quite simple procedure that is done in a matter of minutes. Let's figure out what a MAC address is, why it is needed, and when it needs to be changed.

What it is

The MAC address is a unique digital identifier of a device that has access to the network. It is assigned to the network card during manufacture, so it is the address of the card, not the entire computer.

When a provider connects a new user, a MAC address is assigned to the user in the system and delivers traffic according to the installed package. Our company also works according to this principle, prescribing the address in the contract. If this information has been lost by the subscriber, he/she can clarify the data in the service and information center.

Binding to a MAC address is needed to build a network and is useful if some greedy person wants to use the neighbor's internet. Such can disconnect the neighbor's cable from the switch on the roof (or cut it in front of the apartment), trying to redirect traffic to his/her device, but this will not work because of the address conflict.

When needed to find out your MAC address

There are several situations when it is needed to find out or change the own unique identifier:

  1. When adding or changing an internet-connected device.
    For example, your network cable was originally connected to one desktop computer, and now another one has appeared. You can use the Internet from one or more devices in turn without connecting a router. Then it will be logical to change the MAC of the new network card to the same one as in the old one.
  2. If a computer and a router are connected to the Internet.
    When it is needed to download a large file, it is more convenient to get the cable from the router and insert it into the computer. The connection provided by a home router loses in speed and stability to a wired one. To be able to quickly switch between devices, they need to have the same MAC address.
  3. If it is needed to organize filtering by MAC addresses.
    In the router settings, You can specify a list of addresses with which devices can connect to the Internet.
  4. After reinstalling Windows.

How to find out

To find out the unique identifier, right-click on the internet connection icon on the right side of the taskbar (there may be an icon for a wired and wireless connection). From the list that appears, select "Open Network and Internet settings" or "Network and Sharing Center" for different versions of Windows.

Next, a window will open where you need to find "Edit (customize) adapter settings."

On the next page, You need to right-click on the Ethernet connection icon and select "Properties".

In the new window, move the mouse cursor to the line under the inscription "Connect via". Then a pop-up window will appear with the MAC address of the network card.

How to change

If You need to change the MAC, next to the "Connect via" inscription, click on the "Customize" button.

A new window will open, where You need to find the "Advanced" tab. You will see a list, select "Network address" from it. On the side of the list there is a field marked with an empty circle and the word "Value". You need to activate this position and enter the new value of the MAC address in the empty field. After clicking on the "OK" button, the address of the network card will be changed.

Finding out the MAC address of a computer can be even easier by opening the "Run" service through the "Start" menu (or using the Win + R key combination). You will see a window where it is needed to enter the cmd command and click "OK".

A new black field will open, where You should enter the command: ipconfig / all.

A large list of various parameters will open, where You need to find the “Physical Address” line for the wireless network section if You are connected to the router via Wi-Fi, and for the Ethernet section if via a network cable. Opposite the inscription "Physical address" the information You need is indicated.

As You can see, finding out and changing the MAC address is not difficult at all, in the worst case, it will take 5 minutes. In the video below, we show in detail how to find and change the MAC address.

If You have a new network connected device and are unable to cope with the address change, please call our service and information center. Our technical specialist will help redirect traffic to a new device.



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