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8 Tips for Enjoyable Web Surfing

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8 Tips for Enjoyable Web Surfing

8 Tips for Enjoyable Web Surfing




Are you also tired of seeing more ads than the information you need, and of being startled by autoplay videos? Or maybe you're tired of looking for content that's constantly unavailable in your area? Stop putting up with it! Today we're going to show you 8 small but very useful tools you can use to build your own perfect Internet.

The links to all the extensions are for the Google Chrome browser, but most of the programs are designed for other platforms as well.

How do I stop seeing pop-ups?

Let's start with a sore point. You brewed yourself a fragrant tea/coffee/soup (underline it) and anticipate reading an interesting article. You have opened the desired page, began to read, but then a huge window appeared in front of you, which, moreover, can not be closed. No matter what is in front of you: a casino ad or an offer to subscribe to new articles by the author, you are not satisfied. And so every time.

To avoid seeing extraneous page elements that appear on top of the main information, install the BehindTheOverlay app. The next time a pop-up appears, click on the application icon in your browser bar and you won't see it on this site again. Alternatively, you can use Pop up Blocker.

Autoplay Video

You probably particularly «like» visiting sites that automatically start playing videos as soon as you enter the page or as soon as you move to a certain area of the page. More often than not, it's not so much the video itself that annoys you as the unexpected sound.

To avoid getting a nervous tic or waking up the whole house, install the AutoMute extension. It allows you to create blacklists and whitelists of sites so that you don't block Youtube, for example.

Ubiquitous ads

Users should understand that advertising allows a site to «stay afloat» and not shut down due to lack of budget. However, many resources simply don't know the measure and look like a bunch of weight loss, increase, cures and sensationalism.

That's the kind of site you need to install an ad blocker for. Choose the one that's right for you in our rating.

Difficult passwords

Passwords must be complex. Preferably, they must be different for each site. However, only skilled users are able to remember many complex passwords.

Other users often waste their time generating a new password when they urgently need to log on to a site and cannot remember the old one.

That's why we recommend you to look through our TOP password managers and choose the best one for you. And stop writing them down on a piece of paper after all :)


Didn't make it to the movie premiere on Thursday? Already on Friday, in the comments of a post that is completely unrelated to the film, you will see a spoiler. Or your friend will write in a status, «Han Solo, an entire era died with you...».

If you haven't finished reading Harry Potter, quickly scroll through the picture below.

Especially for those who want to watch or read novelties without knowing what will be at the end, developed an extension Spoiler Protection. Of course, it won't protect you from overhearing your colleagues' conversations, but it will help you in the browser. You will need to add certain words to the blacklist, and the program will hide texts that contain this word on various resources.

Content is no available in your region

Often such a message meets users before viewing various videos. Such restrictions are found on popular resources Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and even Youtube.

The solution is very simple, use a VPN or proxy. The download will take a little longer than usual, but sooner or later you will be able to watch or listen to what you were looking for.

Disappearing text

When diligently filling out registration fields or writing an apt comment, it's frustrating when all the information disappears because you switch to another tab, accidentally close your browser, or refresh the page.

For the text to be saved in the appropriate fields, you must install Typio Form Recovery.

Limiting scrolling

There are fewer and fewer sites on the Internet where information is displayed page-by-page. It is much more convenient when the page is automatically extended when it reaches the end of the page. This is called infinite scrolling.

However, not all resources have switched to this view, even search engines still display information page-by-page.

To avoid switching between pages, install the AutoPagerize. Then buttons with page numbers and arrows will no longer appear on your favorite sites.



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