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Useful apps that will "pump up" your Ukrainian

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Useful apps that will "pump up" your Ukrainian

Useful apps that will "pump up" your Ukrainian




With the outbreak of a full-scale war, many Ukrainians have either completely switched to Ukrainian or started actively learning it. And in the second case, mobile applications play no small role. We offer you a selection of such services, with the help of which you can switch to pure Ukrainian much easier and more interesting.

"Let's get to the text"

This free service is suitable both for those who are just discovering Ukrainian and for those who want to improve it. As it is already clear from the name, the application is dominated by "love" themes, so it is aimed at the 18+ audience with a sense of humour. The app offers to learn new words and phrases in a playful and entertaining way. Available for download on Android and iOS.


Among the 42 languages that this application offers for learning, there is also Ukrainian. "Duolingo" has four levels of difficulty. Here you will find tasks for vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Free and paid versions with different types of tasks are available for use. You can download the app on Google Play and App Store.


With the help of this free service you can learn the basic rules of spelling and the correct accent in words, expand your vocabulary and get rid of Russisms. The main character of "Mova" is the language Lepetun, which helps the user to get points and open new exercises. Registration is required to use the app. You can download it on App Store.

"Can't wait to learn"

A free application created by the public union "Oswitoria". The updated version offers to learn Ukrainian for both adults and children in a game form. The convenience of using "Can’t wait to learn" is that the service works without Internet access. It is available for download on Google Play and App Store.


The application helps to learn Ukrainian both for beginners and those who already have some knowledge. It offers users grammar and vocabulary of literary Ukrainian and the language of everyday communication. For pronunciation practice, each word is accompanied by audio. Lengo users have the opportunity to learn spelling rules, compose sentences or play quizzes. There are free and paid versions. You can download the programme on App Store.

"Learn Ukrainian"

The programme is based on a combination of the alphabet with reading rules, necessary words and a practical phrasebook. The application base contains over 6000 most used Ukrainian words on various topics, useful word combinations and expressions. The service is available for download on Google Play.

"Palianytsia App"

The application helps users to speak Ukrainian more accurately and enrich their vocabulary. Dictionaries of synonyms and explanations, as well as a translator are available for language learning. Examples of vocabulary usage from different sources are provided for each query. The service is available for download on Google Play and App Store.


This programme contains a useful collection of dialectisms and informal expressions from different regions of Ukraine to enrich your vocabulary. Users can search for new words "alphabetically" or "by localities and regions". The service can be downloaded to Android smartphones.

"Ukrainian for Beginners"

The application is designed for learning Ukrainian from scratch. With its help, beginners can quickly and for free get basic knowledge of conversational Ukrainian, enriching their vocabulary on various topics. The programme is available for download on Google Play.

"Learn and play"

A service that allows you to learn the vocabulary and phonetics of the Ukrainian language at a level sufficient for everyday communication. Users can visualise words, take a spelling test, and undergo training with the associative method. The application is available for download on Google Play.


The programme is aimed at independent learning of Ukrainian for both children and adults. ‍YOY aims to support the learning and teaching of Ukrainian in educational institutions with national minority languages of instruction.‍ The app can be downloaded for Android smartphones.

"Words from the word"

This application is created in the form of a game. The user is shown several words, the letters of which should be used to make other words. When they are made up, new ones appear. For each composed word the player receives coins, for which you can take hints. The application is available for download on Google Play and App Store.

"AntiSurzhyk: Learn Ukrainian"

The service allows you to learn pure Ukrainian and enrich your vocabulary in a game form by solving crosswords. To move to the next level, the user needs to find Ukrainian correspondences to the words or expressions offered by the programme, which are surzhyk. The application can be downloaded on Google Play.


This free app selects a new Ukrainian swear word every day and sends you an explanation of it. You can download the service dedicated to Ukrainian swear words on the App Store.


Choose a convenient service from the ones described in this article and improve your Ukrainian language level. And if you know of other specialised applications that can be useful for those who want to communicate freely in Ukrainian, please share their names in the comments.



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