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How to connect an additional IP address

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How to connect an additional IP address

How to connect an additional IP address




An additional IP address may be useful in the following cases:

  • for security and to protect your own privacy;
  • for developers and testers to test websites, applications;
  • for system administrators to configure the network.

You can connect an additional IP address by contacting us on the technical line, in chat on the website or in messengers.

It is also possible to configure an additional IP yourself in your personal account (PA) on the website. To do this, click: "Services" — "Internet" — "Additional IP". In the menu that appears, specify the MAC address of the device that should receive the IP address.

Mandatory condition for connection: the subscriber's account must have funds on it to pay for the service depending on the current regulated tariffs. Legal entities can activate the service by contacting technical support by phone 0800-31-0800, messengers (Telegram, Viber), chat on the website or writing to support@maxnet.ua.

If the subscriber wants to use two IP addresses at the same time, we must see 2 FDBs with the desired MAC addresses on the port. The following options are possible:

  1. Make the router into a switch and connect 2 necessary devices from it. Set the router to bridge mode, disable DHCP-server in the local network, connect the cable of the provider and these two devices to any LAN-ports.
  2. On the router in the bridge with WAN-port throw another port (for example, LAN 1), and in LAN1 plug the device with the desired MAC-address. As a result, everything that is switched on from the router via Wi-Fi and LAN2 to LAN4 cable will go to the Internet via NAT (main IP address), and the device included in LAN1 will get an additional IP.
  3. Unmanaged switch. The switch is placed first, two devices with the corresponding MAC-addresses are connected from it, and each of them "flies" the corresponding IPs.

Algorithm of setting up an additional IP-address on the example of TP-Link A6/C6 router:

  1. Go to the web interface of the router, the standard address is
  2. Go to the "Advanced Settings" tab.
  3. On the left side of the menu select "Network".
  4. Find IPTV/VLAN.
  5. Set the port to which we will connect the device with cable, where we need a new IP, in bridge mode and select IPTV.

It is possible to connect a maximum of two additional IPs via the LK, after which this function will not be available at the subscriber's personal account.

Funds for the service are withdrawn every 1st day of the month.

It is also possible to connect more IPs. In this case it is necessary to contact technical support in a convenient way.

The image below is one example of an unmanaged switch.

You can check the current IP address by going to the website or in the network settings of the operating system: "Windows" — "Settings" — "Network and Internet" — "Adapter settings" — "Ethernet" — "Status" — "Information" — "IPv4 address" line.



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