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Kharkiv coworking centres available for comfortable work

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Kharkiv coworking centres available for comfortable work

Kharkiv coworking centres available for comfortable work




Many freelancers, entrepreneurs and company employees today favour working in comfortable conditions when they are away from home or the office. That is why the format of a shared workspace called coworking is becoming increasingly popular. We tell you what it is and how it can be useful nowadays.

Modern co-working is a spacious room equipped with workstations with high-speed Internet, and sometimes office equipment for use by visitors. Here people with different types of employment have the opportunity to work quietly at their laptops, as well as professionally communicate with each other in a creative environment, hold negotiations and other events.

In the conditions of the energy crisis in Ukraine, business spaces with a stable power supply and reliable access to the network have become especially in demand. Even in case of planned or unplanned power cuts, generators and Starlink provide full-fledged work of visitors in such establishments.

Despite the difficult energy situation in Kharkov, nowadays you can find open coworking centres in the city, where you can work comfortably, including in the absence of light. Below we share with you a selection of proven local locations.

“ITEAHub Kharkiv”

Autonomous coworking space of 600 m2 in the heart of Kharkov. It is this open space that is favoured by the Maxnet team. In the institution there is an opportunity to rent a workplace as well as an office, meeting rooms, etc. Those who wish have the opportunity to test the space for a whole day for free.

At the service of visitors:

  • Fibre optic Internet from the Maxnet provider.
  • Generators.
  • Event hall for 150 seats.
  • Meeting and skype rooms.
  • Concierge service.
  • Parking.

Address: Kharkiv, Sliusarnyi Lane, 1.
Phone: 099 418 18 18.
Website: https://kharkiv.iteahub.com/ua/coworking
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iteahub.kharkiv/


An event space that turned into a coworking space due to a power outage and the availability of a generator in the space. Entry is currently free of charge for visitors.

At the service of visitors:

  • A 24-seat auditorium.
  • A hall for 80 seats.
  • Coffee break and catering.
  • Generator and Starlink.
  • Own kitchen.

At booking from Maxnet for hall hire in May (till 31.05.24) there is a 20% discount.

Address: Kharkiv, Kotsarska St., 2/4.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evohub.kh/

“Blackout Space”

An ideal place for productive work is not far from the metro station "Gosprom".

At the service of visitors:

  • Internet, which works on backup power for 10-11 hours (in a separate room there is an opportunity to connect to the Internet by cable).
  • Generator and Starlink.

Address: Kharkiv, Independence Lane, 5.
Phone: 066 512 16 16.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackout.space/

“СoWorking Club”

Comfortable and quiet coworking space in a 5-minute walk from the University metro station with its own unique community. It consists of 8 rooms, some of which can be fully rented for your team.

There is no short-term cooperation. The institution offers only long-term rentals from 1 month. For those who want to try whether it will be comfortable to work in this open space, there is an opportunity to test the coworking space for one day.

At the service of visitors:

  • 42 comfortable workplaces.
  • Internet on alternative power sources.
  • Generator and Starlink.

Address: Kharkiv, Myronosytska St., 63.
Phone: 099 051 66 43.
Website: https://coworkingclub.com.ua/uk/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coworking_club_kh/

“UNIT.City Kharkiv”

The coworking space is conveniently located 1 minute from Akademik Pavlov metro station. There are both office spaces and conference halls on the territory, where you can hold events and workshops.

Uninterrupted power supply in the facility is provided by two stations: if the light goes out on the side of one of them, there is an opportunity to connect to the other. In the event of a complete blackout in the city, generators are switched on at the office-coving area.

Depending on the number of people and booking period, discounts are available.

Address: Kharkiv, Akademik Pavlov St., 271.
Phone: 066 598 76 07.
Website: https://unit.city/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unit.kharkiv/


A coworking space with home comforts and a full working environment.

At the service of visitors:

  • 4 rooms for skype calls and phone calls.
  • Office equipment (printer, scanner).
  • Free access to the Internet.
  • Generator and Starlink.
  • Equipped kitchen.

Address: Kharkov, Blagovishchenska St., 1.
Phone: 068 100 11 77.
Website: https://fabrika.space/coworking-uk/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fabrika.space/

So if you work remotely and are looking for a coworking centre in Kharkiv with a stable Internet connection, our selection of coworking centres should come in handy. Use and share useful information with your friends. And if you have any additions to the prepared material, you can leave a comment under it.



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