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Wi-Fi signal’s impact on human health. Myths and reality

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Wi-Fi signal’s impact on human health. Myths and reality

Wi-Fi signal’s impact on human health. Myths and reality




From the very beginning of the technology’s spread to this day, there are people who claim that Wi-Fi is very harmful and dangerous. Some say that it causes cancer, others — that malfunctions in the reproductive system, others — that brain diseases. While these people are defined, let's see how really harmful it is to use Wi-Fi.

How Wi-Fi works. A few words about technology

Wi-Fi technology (today the term is not deciphered, but the name was originally conceived as an abbreviation for Wireless Fidelity) appeared in the Australian capital of Canberra in 1998 on the basis of the radio astronomy laboratory. Within the framework of this communication type, information is converted into a radio signal and transmitted over the air using an antenna.

Wi-Fi involves the interaction of an access point (router) and clients (laptop, tablet, phone). The data transmission channel must be encrypted (password for authorization on the network) to protect the data of connected users. With the help of access points, you can deploy and expand the network without laying a cable, thereby minimizing costs. Clients are not tied to one place by wires, and many devices of various types can be connected to the network.

Today, wireless networks have completely entered human life, Wi-Fi is available in all catering establishments, shopping and entertainment centers. Moreover, the Internet for visitors is now increasingly provided in medical, educational and administrative institutions.

However, many adults today are absolutely convinced that the ubiquitous wireless networks are harmful to health. This is facilitated by a misunderstanding of the technology’s operation principle and various «horror stories» that are often found in the print media. In essence, Wi-Fi is no different from conventional radio broadcasting. Do you think radio is harmful?

About the irradiation power

It is impossible to name the exact power level of the Wi-Fi signal, as it depends on the network device model. The characteristics of any router indicate the transmitter power and in the device settings it can be changed.

The router’s average power does not exceed 100 mW (0.1 W). For comparison, the maximum radiation power of a mobile phone is 2 W (average - 1 W). A home radiotelephone in the talk mode «issues background noise» at 0.5-0.9 watts. The included microwave generates about 800 watts, which is 800,000 times the signal of the router.

None of the above radiation is considered dangerous to the body if the operating conditions are met (the microwave oven is sealed, the person does not swallow the phone and does not sleep surrounded by 100 routers operating at full capacity).

In fairness, it's worth noting that the technology is only 20 years old and perhaps the effects of its presence in everyday life have not yet manifested.

Minimizing the waves’ influence

If you are still afraid that electromagnetic and radio emissions affect you in the same way as bad ecology, smoking, eating unhealthy food and a passive lifestyle, do not place the router near your bed and do not lean against your receiving device (for example, do not lie with laptop on stomach).

Wi-Fi waves are the weakest of all possible radiations that surround us daily. They do not harm health — this has been repeatedly proven by scientists from around the world.

Bringing this idea to the older generation can be difficult, but try to do everything possible so that your loved ones do not become victims of scammers. Today on the Internet you can find miracle stickers that supposedly «neutralize» the electrical appliances’ radiation. We advise you to inform your parents that those who talk about the dangers of some devices just want to sell you others. Be healthy and do not believe everything that they write!





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