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Wi-Fi Internet

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Wi-Fi internet in a private house

AirMax Internet is an alternative for a private house when a wired connection is impossible or too expensive. This technology provides subscribers with unlimited access to the network. Wi-Fi Internet has a low data transfer speed, but it is enough for everyday home use.

Maxnet uses innovative wireless broadband technology, AirMax. It provides the highest level of signal transmission quality, and delays are minimized.

For residents of the private sector, Maxnet offers two Internet connection technologies: PON and Wi-Fi. The first is realized through a fiber-optic cable, thanks to which you have a dedicated communication channel, protected from interference and failures.

The second option is the Internet without a cable. The wireless signal comes from the provider's equipment, and the subscribers pick it up using an antenna. This option is less expensive, it does not require installation work on the laying of optical fiber, but it also does not provide such a high bandwidth as wired Internet.

Before connecting to wireless home Internet, learn our tariffs and choose the best one for yourself. Then apply for a connection, contact one of our managers. This can be done in several ways:

  • ∙ ask a question in the chat on our website;
  • ∙ order a call back;
  • ∙ make a phone call:
    •   ◦ 0800-31-0800;
    •   ◦ (057) 720-9-720;
  • ∙ write to us on a social networks or messenger:

The operator will check the availability of equipment in your area. The master will configure the connection from our side – and you will immediately have access to the network.

Wireless Internet from Maxnet is a fast and affordable service. We provide AirMax connection for only 120 UAH. Access will appear immediately after contacting, if our equipment is within reach. You will need to pay for the selected tariff plan separately.

Wireless internet connection requires an antenna and a router. The first accepts a Wi-Fi signal, and the router will make it available to all network devices in the house.

Maxnet can provide all the necessary equipment. The assortment includes models in a wide price range, so we can find the best option for you. To buy a device, contact our operator.

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