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RCI PSI12238W Charging Station

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RCI PSI12238W Charging Station

The RCI PSI12238W is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to provide long-term autonomous operation of 12V or 5V powered equipment. It is recommended to power backup Wi-Fi routers, IP-phones, CCTV cameras, Ethernet switches, xPON ONU, cash registers, intercoms.

Thanks to the absence of an additional converter, maximum efficiency is ensured. Mini-UPS in stand-alone mode will work up to 6 hours — depending on the power consumption of connected devices (power consumption parameters are specified in the data sheet of the device).

Connecting the device is quite simple — no special technical skills and knowledge are required. Mini-UPS is connected in the gap between the native power supply unit and the redundant device. It is possible to connect several devices from one Mini-UPS.

1399 UAH