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What is the 0800 service

What is the 0800 service




Most likely, at least once every adult had to call 0800-31-ХХХХ to resolve a particular issue. The peculiarity of such numbers is that calls to them are free for those who call, whether it be a mobile or landline phone. The call to 0800 is paid by the receiving party, that is, the company that ordered the service. The line is available for calls to subscribers within Ukraine. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that it is not possible to make outgoing calls from 0800 number.

In the West, such numbers called “toll-free” or “green number” appeared in the USA in the late 60s. Each country has a special code that appears at the beginning of the number. Therefore, the number 0800 is a multichannel telephone line for receiving simultaneously an unlimited number of calls from all over Ukraine.

The 0800 service provides for the customer to receive a virtual phone number, to which customers can call free of charge from both mobile and landline numbers.

Why do you need the number 0800

Connection of 0800 number with round-the-clock access allows to provide subscribers with high-quality service. In this case, you will be able to constantly be in touch with customers, learn about their needs and help solve problems that arise. This will give you the opportunity to comfortably provide support to the target audience 24/7, which is very important for maintaining and strengthening the business’ competitive position in any segment. But keep in mind that along with connecting the service, you also need to properly organize the operator's work.

You can also enter 0800 as the hotline number. Customers can report facts of violations, fraud, unethical behavior on the part of company employees, poor quality of services, etc. to it. In turn, the company's management can quickly eliminate shortcomings, see the situation through the eyes of the client.

Who is suitable for connecting the number 0800

It can be recommended to buy number 0800 for a business of any scale: small, medium, large. Most often, the service for connecting the 0-800 number is ordered by organizations that have to receive a considerable number of incoming calls every day:

  • e-commerce enterprises (internet stores);
  • banks and other financial institutions;
  • insurance and consulting companies;
  • legal offices;
  • travel agencies and airlines;
  • social centers;
  • city ​​administrations.

The 0-800 number is ideal for organizing call centers to inform customers about updates in the organization's work or promotions, as well as conducting social surveys, market research and other activities. Connecting the 0800 number to the CRM and ATC of call centers makes it possible to analyze incoming calls, track statistics and the number of calls.

A free telephone line is also the best option for organizing a remote help desk. A call to 0800 allows the client to get answers to the most important questions and reliable information from the company’s official source. After the connection, a voice menu is connected with prompts, with the help of which the client selects the desired section or service. Just a few minutes of waiting with musical accompaniment — and a conversation with an operator begins. In order to monitor the service quality for operators, the company has the ability to record telephone calls from subscribers, which is very convenient.

9 main advantages of the 0-800 service

Using the 0800 multi-line telephone line sets you apart from your competitors in the market, which increases brand awareness, sales and profits.

And now more specifically about what the number 0-800 gives if it is connected:

  1. An increase in the number of customers and sales due to an increase in the number of incoming calls. After all, the target audience, even without funds on the operator's account, calls to 0800 are available from both mobile and landline numbers.
  2. The ability to contact the company quickly and free of charge increases customer loyalty. In addition, 0800 numbers are mainly used by stable companies, and subscribers understand this.
  3. A single number 0800 allows you to combine branches from all over Ukraine into one line for calls and receive calls regardless of your location.
  4. Provides the ability to configure the optimal routing of incoming calls and the voice menu, or to distinguish between separate similar numbers according to directions. For example, we use 0800-31-0800 for the support line and 0800-31-0700 for the sales line.
  5. Easy to remember by clients. Especially in the case of connecting beautiful numbers (for example, 0800-31-0800, etc.). Bright phone numbers are remembered no worse than logos.
  6. Provides stable and high-quality communication. Usually 0800 numbers are connected to the PBX via sip-trunk and are multichannel. This eliminates the risk of failures on GSM gateways, or interruption of calls due to the busy line on the SIM card.
  7. Reducing the cost of organizing a support hotline. In many cases, to organize the work of call centers, maintaining the 0800 number is much cheaper than a solution built on GSM gateways.
  8. Ability to conduct market research and track sales channels. Very often, 0800 numbers are used as an element of the call-tracking system, distinguishing unique numbers for different advertising campaigns, etc.
  9. Convenience and ease of implementation. The number can be quickly ordered and configured, it is easily integrated into the existing telephony and IVR menu.

How much does it cost and how to connect the number 0800

If you wish to order SIP-telephony services with city telephone communication and 0800 numbers, you can contact Maxnet. In addition to standard numbers, we provide customers with the opportunity to choose and connect beautiful numbers from the Silver and Gold categories.

The fee for the 0-800 number depends on the selected tariff package. For customers with a large volume of minutes, we offer individual tariff plans.

Connecting 0800 is easy and fast. To connect the multi-channel telephone line 0800, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs need to provide the appropriate package of documents. You can get more detailed information about the service, get acquainted with the tariffs and leave a request for connection on our website by clicking on the link.





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