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How to connect to Wi-Fi using a QR code

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How to connect to Wi-Fi using a QR code

How to connect to Wi-Fi using a QR code




Today's article is for hospitable hosts who are tired of giving their Wi-Fi password. We will tell you about a simple way that will save you and your guests from dictating and carefully writing down the password.

It is unlikely that among our subscribers there will be people who do not use QR codes, or do not know what it is. Just in case, we remind you:

A QR code is a matrix barcode that contains information about the object to which it is attached. It looks like a set of black squares on a white background.

Most often, links to pages on the Internet are «sewn up» in codes, but there are more and more ways to use them. One of these is encryption of the “login + password” pair from the wireless network. Using it, you will no longer need to voice the name of the network, and then remember the password from it.

You can say: «It’s easy for me to do this, the network name is my name, and the password is 00000000 / 11111111 / 01234567 (or any other of the same level of security)». To such readers, we hasten to remind you of the importance of a complex password and ways to store multiple passwords. By the way, if you use such a simple combination, we recommend that you check, if your neighbors are on your Wi-Fi.

Create a QR code with a password

The easiest way is to use a QR code generator, such as QiFi.

You will need to fill in the network name and password fields. In the drop-down menu, select the type of encryption used and check the box next to Hidden if your network is hidden. When you're done, click the Generate button!

Now you can save, export and print the code image. Many users print the image and hang it in the room so that guests can connect to the network themselves. If you are connected to your Wi-Fi network and you suddenly need to connect someone to it, but you forgot the password, you can click on the network’s name on your smartphone and a QR code will appear that the guest can scan.

To use the code, you need to turn on the camera or a special application for recognition, point to the image and click the «Connect» button.



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