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Kharkiv online: the most popular online services and resources for city residents

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Kharkiv online: the most popular online services and resources for city residents

Kharkiv online: the most popular online services and resources for city residents




In today's technological world, it is possible to use an increasing number of different services online. All you need is access to the Internet from your computer or smartphone. In this article, we decided to collect and share with you the services and resources that are currently most popular among Kharkiv citizens.

Let's start with useful online services designed to save time and make life easier for citizens.

  • The portal of electronic services in Kharkiv.

    Here you can use such services as filling the electronic application form for the Kharkiv citizen card, ordering a certificate of residence registration, ordering a document check of the Bureau of Technical Inventory online, ordering a technical passport from the municipal enterprise Kharkiv City Bureau of Technical Inventory and many others.

  • CityBus Kharkiv.

    A handy app for online monitoring of public transport in Kharkiv. Available for download through Google Play. By installing this app on your mobile phone, you can track your city's traffic on a self-configured list of routes.

  • Е-Ticket.

    The unified Kharkiv fare collection system. Allows you to conveniently pay in the underground, tram, bus and trolleybus with a single card simply by attaching it to the validator (reader). You can forget about waiting in line to buy tickets, looking for cash and asking to hand over your fare.

  • Е-Parking.

    Developed for vehicle owners, this mobile app allows you to conveniently pay for parking across Ukraine, including in Kharkiv. All you need to do is download it onto your smartphone via Google Play or App Store, link your bank card and car information to it.

  • Online enrollment in the electronic queue at the RSC of the SSC of the MIA in Kharkiv region.

    On this website you can register online in the electronic queue to continue to receive services at the regional service centre of the State Service Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kharkiv region, such as obtaining a driver's certificate, registration and operation of the vehicle, production and storage of number plates and others. During registration in the electronic queue you choose a convenient territorial service centre, date and time of your visit.

  • Transparent Office.

    The Transparent Office social services centre is a single space for transparent and comprehensible interaction between the authorities and citizens. The register of services includes: appointment of subsidies for housing and communal services, provision of benefits, social protection of internally displaced persons, obtaining of certificates, social support for families with many children and others. It is possible to register in the electronic queue to receive the required service through the website.

  • Pre-registration service at ASC in Kharkiv.

    Here you can pre-register in the electronic queue to visit the Administrative Services Centre in Kharkiv. To do this you need to leave your personal data and choose the appropriate territorial centre, after which the system will reserve a specific date and time for you to visit it.

In addition, there are several online resources for educational and recreational purposes.

  • Ukraine Open.

    This mobile application was created to popularise travelling around Ukraine, including Kharkiv region. It contains visual content in the format of 3D tours, aerial panoramas and other filmed videos that show historical, architectural, archaeological and natural monuments, museum and theatre venues, festival locations, as well as audio guides in Ukrainian and English. The application is available for download on Google Play and App Store. Install it, choose your travel itinerary and travel from home!

  • Children in Kharkiv.

    Where to celebrate a child's birthday or children's graduation in Kharkiv? Where to go with your child on the weekend? In what private kindergarten or summer camp to give a child? For those looking for answers to these and other questions related to children's education and leisure the site "Children in Kharkov" was created. Here worried parents can find guides to local private educational institutions for children, a tutor for the child, a poster of weekend entertainment and other information.

If you know of other online resources for local use that we haven't mentioned here, share their names in the comments. They may also be useful for Kharkiv residents.



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