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How to set up the inext set-top box

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How to set up the inext set-top box

How to set up the inext set-top box


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Inext TV5 is a media player is created for the comfortable video-, photo- and audio content watching. It has a rich functionality and wide abilities for connection. Inext TV5 allows you to enjoy fast speed and save a lot of applications and content.

First power on

Connect the power cable, which is included in the set, to the DC connector. Connect the set-top box and TV with the supplied HDMI cable. Select the HDMI video input on your TV remote control. For ease of use, you can connect a regular computer mouse. Left click - select menu, right - back.

The red indicator on the set-top box means that it is in standby mode. To turn it on, you need to press the red button on the remote control from the set-top box (in the upper left corner).

Initial settings

This is how the “desktop” looks when you first turn it on.

System language

When you turn it on for the first time, the setup wizard opens. Before setting up the set-top box for further use, select the system language in the corresponding item.

Wi-Fi setup

To connect to the Internet, select "Settings" (gear on top), "Network and Internet".

Switch the Wi-Fi slider to the appropriate position, select the Wi-Fi network of your router.

Enter the password and click "Next".

Cable setup

If it is possible to connect to the Internet with a cable instead of a Wi-Fi network, it is better to do this for a more stable connection, especially if there is interference between the router and the TV that significantly weakens the Wi-Fi connection (for example, load-bearing reinforced concrete walls or mirror surfaces). In this case, the Wi-Fi slider must be turned off and connected to the router with any twisted pair patch cord (note that the patch cord is not included).

Date and time

After connecting to the Internet, you should make sure that the time is set correctly on the device. This is necessary for all applications to work correctly. To do this, select “Device settings”, “Date and time” and select “Use network time”.

Google account

In order for the set-top box to work as a full-fledged Android, you need to sign in to your Google account. To do this, select "Accounts and login" in the settings.

Select "Google" and enter your personal account information.

Maxnet WebTV Setup

Open the Google Play App Store.

In the search, enter "Maxnet".

Open after download and installation.

We accept the terms of the user agreement and select the operation mode of WebTV.

Note! If you do not have a complex tariff “Internet + WebTV”, then during the service connection, the service cost is deducted from your personal account immediately after confirmation. Make sure through your personal account that you have enough funds!

In the application, you can call up the menu by pressing the option button on the remote control to the left of “ok” or by selecting the corresponding item in the upper right corner of the screen with the mouse.

You can turn off the display of channels from additional TV packages. You can connect additional packages through your personal account.

Other settings

You can add any installed application to the main screen (for example, Maxnet WebTV). To do this, simply click on the “plus” at the end of the list.



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