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One day in a smart city

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One day in a smart city

One day in a smart city




Let's imagine life together in a world where technology rules the roost. Machines have not yet taken over the planet, but they have already made life much easier and more pleasant.

In the morning, you are awakened by self-sliding curtains and a message from the hydrometeorological center telling you to bring an umbrella because a small storm is coming. You get ready for work with music and voice messages following you from room to room.

You leave the house (it's already light outside, so the lights are NOT on) and walk to the bus stop. The app tells you that the bus is 2 minutes late and arrives at the bus stop strictly at 8:22 instead of 8:20. You pay for the bus with the same app, selecting a single ticket or, if you are going to travel a lot, a multiple ticket.

Briefly about the crime situation: a woman's wallet was stolen on the bus, but the perpetrator was found at the next bus stop. The theft was immediately reported to law enforcement, and the video from the camera inside the bus helped to find out the culprit.

Needless to say, there is Wi-Fi in surface and underground transport, parks, stores, hospitals, banks and everywhere else city residents can go? No? Then let's move on.

Once you get to the office, you enter without a pass card because the facial recognition system allows you to do away with unnecessary plastic in your wallet. The office has a comfortable temperature and lighting thanks to temperature and light sensors whose readings help the system control the heating and lighting system.

There is no paperwork or unnecessary links in the interaction between employees: everything is automated. Artificial intelligence and robots have replaced humans in monotonous and physically demanding work.

Closer to lunch, the phone reminds you to go to the dentist. Medical records, tests and other patient data are digitized and kept accessible to any doctor. Forget about the problem of getting a round stamp instead of a triangular one. After the dentist, you feel unwell and decide to head home. An unmanned cab drives you home at the same time as the food delivery guy who brought you a milkshake and warm soup (you're not allowed to chew!).

At home, the bathtub is already running and the TV is on, reporting the latest news. Moving away from the «painless» dental procedures, you remember that for the move you need to reissue some documents and do a couple of certificates. Reluctantly, you get up behind your tablet and in a special app, mark the necessary documents and instantly get them digitally signed. Not bad, huh?

After dinner you go to throw out the garbage. The problem of landfills has been solved by the sorting, reuse and application of solid waste in the energy industry. More than 90% of household and industrial waste is now recycled.

Stepping out into the stairwell, you linger for a second, trying to fool the motion sensor, which only lights up when someone is in the room.

Outside, you are reminded of the hydrometeorological center's early morning warning about a downpour. It starts suddenly and catches us by surprise near the container. Jumping through puddles, you think about closing the windows and warming up the apartment. Good thing the smart home can be controlled from your smartphone.

Back in a warm and dry apartment, all you have to do is make tea (the kettle is already boiling), wrap up in a warm blanket and think about how good it is to live in the 21st century.



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