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Overview for hotkeys for browsers

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Overview for hotkeys for browsers

Overview for hotkeys for browsers




If you find it hard to imagine your life without the global network, you may be wondering how to make Internet surfing more convenient and faster. Today we're going to tell you how to save the time you spend on picking up the mouse, finding the button on the screen, moving the cursor, and clicking. It doesn't sound very serious, but in fact, users who keep their hands on the keyboard are much more productive and less distracted.

The keyboard shortcuts described above are responsible for performing standard actions. We have selected universal hotkeys that can be used in the most common browsers (Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari). At first it is difficult and unusual to refuse to use the mouse, but very quickly it becomes clear that it is really more convenient.

Working with tabs

If you have a lot of tabs open in your browser and need to switch between them all the time, try doing it with Ctrl + 1..8 to switch tabs one through eight. If counting is inconvenient, try Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl + Shift + Tabto switch forward/backward one.

When a tab is no longer needed, close it with Ctrl + W (Ctrl + F4). Accidentally closed the wrong tab? Restore it with Ctrl + Shift + T.

To open a new tab, use Ctrl + T. If you would like to work in a new window — Ctrl + N.

Page viewer

Have the page layout fellows made it too small or too close to look at the pictures? Try scaling the page with Ctrl + «+» / Ctrl + «-». To zoom back to the original view, press Ctrl + 0.

To view the page in full screen mode, press F11.

To move up and down the page, use the corresponding arrow keys on the keyboard, and if you need to quickly scroll down the page, press the spacebar (it is responsible for moving down to the size of one screen). Home and End keys move to the top and bottom of the page respectively.


You probably know that the key for refreshing the page is F5. There is a nuance. When refreshing the page, the browser «pulls up» the previously loaded cache. If you want to refresh the whole page, press Ctrl+F5.

The forward/backward buttons can be easily replaced by Alt+← / Alt+→

The Esc key stops the page from loading. Use it if the text you want on the page is already loaded, but annoying ads on the sides of the document are not.

Address bar

To select text in the address bar press F6 or Ctrl+A. If you are going to go to a site in the most common «.com» domain zone, just type its name in the address bar and press Ctrl+Enter. The browser will automatically add www. at the beginning and .com at the end.


You can use page search (Ctrl+F) to quickly navigate to the desired section of text.

If the page needs to be saved as a bookmark, you don't need to look for the asterisk on the screen, you can just press Ctrl+D. To open your browsing history, press Ctrl+H. A list of downloaded files can be opened with the combination Ctrl+J.

If you are visited at an inopportune moment and you need to quickly delete the history (of course, so that the birthday boy doesn’t know in advance about the gift you order for him in the online store), press Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

It will be difficult to learn all the hotkeys at once, but it is recommended to choose 2-3 and start using them. If you notice a difference and agree that it's convenient, gradually learn the rest.



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