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How to Clear Cache and Browser History in 7 Seconds

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How to Clear Cache and Browser History in 7 Seconds

How to Clear Cache and Browser History in 7 Seconds




We've put together step-by-step guides for any browser in case you suddenly need to delete your history or cache. The average user completes these steps in 7 seconds. That's usually enough time to get out of the water cleanly.

All kidding aside, deleting the history and cache is really worth it. It will speed up the browser and eliminate incorrect page display errors.

What the cache and history storage is for

The cache is a set of temp files that sit on the clipboard between your browser and the servers of sites you've visited. These temporary files contain data about the web pages visited (images, fonts, animations and other elements).

When the user visits the site again, the browser doesn’t download the pages and their elements anew, but goes to the cache and retrieves everything from there. This significantly reduces load times.

It's easier with history storage.

For example, you decide to change the wallpaper on your desktop, but you can't remember the resolution of your screen. You go to the settings and see that the resolution is 1280 × 1024.
Then you google «Wallpaper 1280 × 1024 with kittens», find a good site with pictures without watermarks, download the picture in good quality and put it on the wallpaper.
Kittens will bore you after a week, and you want a new one, with nature. You start writing «wallpaper» and Google remembers what resolution you needed last time, and which site you found the pretty ones on. That's it! You change from cats to landscapes and save time.

Why it is good to clean it all up

A website is not something static: it is constantly updating and overwriting data on the server. When you access such a site, your browser may not know it has been updated and will load the page as it «saw» it last time. Sometimes this can be very critical.

The importance of clearing history, especially when multiple users use the computer, goes without saying.

Deleting temp files from browser memory in general is always a good idea. Space is freed up, the computer doesn’t store useless information about sites that have been visited once.

By the way, don't forget to delete cookies as well. We wrote about them here.

How to clear cache and browser history

In Opera

Go to «Settings» (top right-hand corner of the screen), select «Privacy & Security», and find «Clear browsing history».

In the new window, select the time range you want to clear and check the boxes next to your browsing history and cached images and files.

In Google Chrome

Go to «Settings» (top right corner), select «Privacy and security».

Then go to «Clear history» on the right and in the new window also tick the boxes for «Browsing history» and «Cached images and files», and select the time range.

In Mozilla Firefox

Go to «Menu» (top right corner), «Settings». Next we need «Privacy & Security», then select «Clear History». Check the boxes.

In Microsoft Edge

The desired section can be accessed in two ways:

  • «Menu» → «Log»;
  • «Settings» → «Privacy, search, and services».

Select «Clear browsing data» and set the required values.

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