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6 reasons to connect PON in an apartment

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6 reasons to connect PON in an apartment

6 reasons to connect PON in an apartment




Networks in megacities all over the world today are built on the basis of PON technology. «Maxnet» is always in step with the times and is one of the first in Kharkov to introduce PON to connect subscribers in apartment buildings.
Let's find out what the benefits of the technology are and why you should take advantage of our unique offer.

How it works

Earlier we described the technology and its advantages, but today we want to focus on the specifics of connection in apartment buildings.

As a reminder, PON technology involves the use of fibre optic cable all the way from the provider to the subscriber. The network elements are passive equipment, so malfunctions are kept to a minimum, there is no dependence on power supply, and the connection speed is stable.

A diagram of the subscriber side network is shown below:

In this way, the fibre is not just brought to the house (as with standard FTTx), but specifically to your flat. If you have installed the twisted pair in the wall, you can install a terminal in the vestibule, where the distribution from the flat is led out, instead of rewiring the cable.

Subscriber's terminal is needed for transformation of light signal into electric one for further transmission via twisted pair. Then it is as usual: the cable is connected to a router or a computer.

Advantages of the technology:

  1. Independence from the power supply in the neighbourhood. For the Internet to work, it is sufficient to have power in the flat. With an «uninterruptible power supply», the internet will continue to work in the absence of electricity in the house.
  2. A fibre optic cable is used in the connection. It differs from «twisted pair» by the absence of metal parts, so it is not afraid of thunderstorms and is not of interest to thieves. Fibre optic cables carry a lossless signal and are always stable.
  3. Fibre optics is a worldwide trend. All modern networks are built on the basis of optics, cable is 2 times thinner and cheaper than twisted pair.
  4. By default a subscriber gets gigabit access to the Internet. Regardless of the tariff chosen, it is possible to instantly upgrade to 1 Gbit/s without replacing the cable. This is important as the internet changes and user demands increase. Therefore, gigabit may become a «base» speed, like 100 Mbit/s today, in the coming years.
  5. The subscriber gets his own personal connection channel.There are no nodes from central to home equipment that can adversely affect the connection.
  6. The only difference for the subscriber when connecting is the subscriber terminal in the form of a small device that can easily be hidden. We provide it on favourable terms.

Why this is important to us

Today, the introduction of technology for apartment buildings has just begun and supply is limited. We are analysing the response and collecting feedback, and in the future we will increase the number of houses connected in the way described.

Using PON technology will give providers the opportunity to improve the resilience of systems, stability of connections and reduce the cost of network modernization. Thus, the transition «benefits» not only the recipients, but also the service providers.

Subscriber convenience and satisfaction are extremely important to us, so we really hope that you will appreciate the benefits and become one of the subscribers to be connected by fibre to the flat.





Мне даже не перезвонили о возможности GPON, хотя заявку оставлял на контакт-центре.



Для більш детальної інформації та перевірки можливості підключення за Вашою адресою напишіть, будь ласка, нам в онлайн чат.



Тоесть нужно будет запитывать терминал, который судя по тексту будет в тамбуре и его могут украсть и роутер в квартире? Не очень практично



Если в тамбуре, он устанавливается в специальном монтажном боксе, так что не украдут.



Это же, в том случае, если не хочешь в квартире ставить.. А если не доверяешь соседям или тамбур не закрывается, то лучше, конечно, ставить в квартире..



Нажаль, ця послуга для багатьох багатоповерхівок з покриттям Макснету не досяжна.



Раніше поном ніхто не цікавився, навіщо провайдеру будувати пон, якщо всім хотілось стрибати по акціям та перемикати виту пару з одного провайдера до іншого. А тепер, коли блекаути розставили все на свої місця, потрібен час.. Перебудувати всю мережу з Ethernet на PON це не така швидка справа, особливо під час війни...



Зараз ми активно модернізуємо мережу для надання цієї технології у багатоповерховій забудові, слідкуйте за новинами та залишайте заявку на перспективу підключення до GPON.

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