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10 most popular TV channels among users of the Television service from Maxnet in June-August 2023

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10 most popular TV channels among users of the Television service from Maxnet in June-August 2023

10 most popular TV channels among users of the Television service from Maxnet in June-August 2023




Today, one of the main sources of information and entertainment for people all over the world are television channels. Their diversity gives viewers the opportunity to choose and watch programmes such as news, sports, movies of different genres, music videos, etc. And TV companies that provide viewers with relevant content have a significant impact on society as they help shape public opinion and influence people's behaviour.

In view of how important the role of television plays in the modern world, we decided to find out which TV channels are the favourites among the users of the Television service from Maxnet. IPTV viewing statistics were used as a source of information for the analysis. The last three months (June-August) 2023, were chosen for the analysed period. Therefore, we offer you the rating of the most popular TV channels this summer.

Top 10 TV channels that Maxnet subscribers watched most often in the summer of 2023

Throughout the summer the rating was headed by the all-Ukrainian TV channel ICTV with the respective share of 7.23% in June, 7.52% in July and 6.93% in August. The second place was taken by the Ukrainian entertainment TV channel Novyi Kanal, whose share of views during the summer months fluctuated from 6.25% in June to 6.65% in August, slightly dropping to 6.06% in July. The national Ukrainian TV channel STB was also among the top three, the share of views of which during the period under review was almost at the same level: 5.52% in June, 5.70% in July, 5.68% in August.

The fourth and fifth places during the first two summer months were occupied by the all-Ukrainian TV channel ICTV 2 (with 5.31% in June and 4.76% in July) and the Ukrainian national TV channel 2+2 (with 4.66% in June and 4.36% in July). And in August 2+2 was slightly ahead of ICTV 2 in terms of popularity, collecting 4.59% of views as opposed to 4.45% for its neighbour at the bottom.

The sixth line during the summer was confidently occupied by the film TV channel 4ever Cinema with the share of views 4.11% in June, 3.85% in July and 4.05% in August. In June and July, the seventh place was consistently held by the film TV channel 4ever Drama (3.91% in June and 3.69% in July). But in August 4ever Drama with 3.40% share was moved to the eighth place by 1+1 UA channel with 3.75% share, which in the previous months held the eighth place with 3.78% (June) and 3.54% (July).

In June, the all-Ukrainian entertainment TV channel Bigudi, targeting women aged 18-50 (2.78% share), ranked ninth. In the next two months it left the top ten, and in July, instead of it the ninth position was taken by the entertainment TV channel TET with 2.80% share, and in August — by the national TV channel 1+1 with 2.84% share.

The top ten was rounded off by different TV channels with almost the same frequency of viewing: In June — the film TV channel 4ever Theater with 2.69% share, in July — the all-Ukrainian TV channel NTN with 2.61% share, in August — the entertainment TV channel TET with 2.68% share.

Distribution of media groups’ influence and analysis of TV channel viewing results

As can be seen from the charts, the majority of TV channels (70-80%) that were in the top 10 during June-August 2023 are national. Four TV channels out of the top 10 (Novyi Kanal, STB, ICTV, ICTV 2) belong to the Ukrainian media holding Starlight Media, five more (1+1, 1+1 UA, 2+2, TET, Bigudi) are part of the Ukrainian media conglomerate 1+1 Media, one (NTN) — is a part of the Ukrainian media conglomerate Inter Media Group.

There are also foreign channels among the channels included in the rating. These are 4ever Cinema, 4ever Drama and 4ever Theater, whose programme includes films of the 20th century in different genres. Given the fact that the last two TV channels started broadcasting quite recently (1 January 2023), getting into the top ten leaders in terms of viewing by Ukrainian viewers in six months is quite a high result for them.

One of the factors of unchanged leadership in the rating of ICTV is the channel's round-the-clock broadcasting of the information marathon United News, starting from 24 February 2022 — the very first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, there are no adverts on the air of ICTV, which also contributes to such commitment on the part of viewers.

Apart from ICTV, the United News telethon is present in the programme of such Ukrainian TV channels as STB, 1+1 and 1+1 UA. The fact that STB was among the top three channels in terms of views is also quite understandable, because at the time of rating formation it had not broadcast Soviet and Russian films for more than a year.

Results and forecasts regarding the future of popular TV channels

As the rating shows, the current consumption of film content is second only to news content, which is understandable in the current realities: Ukrainian viewers try to keep abreast of current events in their country, so they "keep their finger on the pulse". However, the desire to be distracted from time to time from the information flow takes its toll, so switching attention, in particular to watching entertainment content, is a predictable trend.

Elena Burnayeva, Head of TV Development Department of Maxnet LLC, also voiced her opinion on the prospects of TV channels development: "Since it is important to provide viewers not only with powerful information broadcasting, but also to provide access to current artistic and entertainment content, we can expect further development of entertainment and information programmes on the main channels of media groups with a high probability. After all, watching this type of content allows you to distract yourself from heavy thoughts and gives the human psyche a chance to rest. Therefore, we are likely to observe the further success of such channels. And it will be possible to confirm or deny my forecast by analysing the TV ratings of the next months."

So we plan to prepare similar analytical articles in the future on the basis of the received statistical data on TV viewing by Maxnet subscribers. In the meantime, feel free to leave your comments on whether the material of this format was interesting to you.



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