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To a private house

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To a private house

To an apartment and a private house

Tariffs up to 1 Gbps

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Connect to a reliable and modern GPON network from Maxnet!

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You have the opportunity to connect to the "Internet + TV" service and enjoy watching your favorite TV channels

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The cost of the connection for 1 point

800 UAH/service

Cabling works (cable cost is included)

13 UAH/m

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Uninterrupted communication line operation

thanks to our own fiber optic network


Maxnet is the fastest Internet in Kharkiv according to Speedtest

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our specialist will transfer the balance from another operator to your account

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you can suspend the service for a period of vacation or travel

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you can connect tomorrow, the Internet works immediately

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payment for services, management of additional services, payment control

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Choose a tariff, leave a request, and we will do the rest for You!

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Check the possibility of connecting services at your address


Leave a request online or call the free hotline

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We will clarify the details and set a connection time


Our specialist will establish a connection and set up the work

More about the "Internet in a private house" service

Learn more about applied technologies, tariff plans and the process of connection

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Internet in a private house

To connect the Internet in the private sector, Maxnet uses PON technology. It is based on a highly efficient and cost-effective fiber optic network. Moreover, one cable is enough to connect hundreds of subscribers. It forms a stable connection, independent of the power grid. This is the most innovative technology to date.

You get a personal dedicated channel that is inaccessible to interference and third-party loads. And you can choose the most optimal speed among our high-speed tariffs.

PON technology provides the user with unique advantages over the more common Ethernet technology. The signal transmission is based on optical fiber. Thanks to it, you get a reliable connection that works even if there is no power in the house. And the signal itself is transmitted quickly and stably, without losses and interruptions.

In PON technology, a subscriber terminal is used to convert an optical signal. It will be possible to connect a router or computer to it directly using a twisted pair. You do not have to pay for it: we will provide it free of charge while using the service.

If you need a router, you can also order one from us. We provide modern models that support gigabit internet speed. Our master will carry out a complete setup of the equipment for connection.

You can order the Maxnet service from our operators in any convenient way:

  • in chat on our website;
  • by ordering a call back;
  • by phone numbers:
    • 0800-31-0800;
    • (057) 720-9-720;
  • by writing a message in social networks or messenger:

Before connecting the Internet to a private house, we will agree on a convenient time for you, advise on tariffs and current promotions, and provide the necessary equipment.

At the moment, you can order a connection at a promotional price – 800 UAH. This amount includes work on pulling the cable, setting up equipment and fiber optic (up to 150 m). Payment for the optical terminal is not charged, you will receive it free of charge for the entire period of using the service.

To find out how much it costs to host the Internet in a private house specifically in your case (for example, taking into account our router or additional services), contact us:

  • in chat on our website;
  • by ordering a call back;
  • by phone numbers:
    • 0800-31-0800;
    • (057) 720-9-720;
  • ∙ by writing a message in social networks or messenger:

Before connecting to the Internet in a private house, we need to assess the complexity of the work. It can take from several hours to 4 days (in particularly difficult conditions).

The Internet connection will appear before the master leaves. You can pay for connection services and the selected tariff within a week in your personal account. If you wish, you can pay the required amount immediately to the master.

To choose a tariff plan, decide what you need the Internet for.

For surfing the net, reading, communicating and working with documents on the Internet, speeds up to 100 Mbps are sufficient.

If you are streaming video, downloading large files and running several background processes online, we recommend increasing the speed to 200 Mbps.

And for comfortable simultaneous use of the network by all family members, connect the maximum tariff - 500 Mbps.

Maxnet equipment allows you to connect the Internet to the private sector of Kharkiv in any area. Depending on how actively you use the Internet, we will help you choose the best tariff.

Think about paying in advance: if on the first day of a new month there is not enough money on the account to pay for the tariff, the service will become inactive. You can replenish your personal account in your «Personal Account». There you will find out in time about loyalty programs and other beneficial offers.

In addition, we provide Television, Telephony and Video Surveillance. And all this with a single cable. It is much more profitable and more convenient to order a complex of telecommunication services from one supplier.

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