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Internet and TV to a private house

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Internet and TV to a private house

To an apartment and a private house

Tariffs up to 1 Gbps

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Connect to a reliable and modern GPON network from Maxnet!

Cost of connection (if it is technically possible)

800 UAH/1 point

Service includes connection using Web TV technology

1 TV point

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The tariff packages "Internet + TV" include the TV package "Basic"

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More about the "Internet + Television" service

Learn more about applied technologies, tariff plans and the process of connection

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Television and Internet in a private house

The company internet provider «Maxnet» offers residents of private houses, and those who like to spend time comfortably outside the city, to connect high-speed internet and interactive television as a single service. Payment is carried out according to one general tariff plan, and you can use the services on several devices.

You can connect the internet to the private sector and enjoy interactive television using the integrated Internet + TV service. Connection to the network is carried out using two technologies: GPON and WiFi. Each of them not only provides reliable and uninterrupted communication, but also makes it possible to watch TV over the Internet using WEB TV technology with a special application «Макснет WEB TV».

To connect TV and internet in a private house, you need to leave a request on the website or contact our managers by phone:

  1. 0800-31-0700 (for new subscribers);
  2. 0800-31-0800 / (057) 720-9-720 (for existing subscribers).

You can also contact us online in the social networks of the company Facebook, Instagram or the Telegram messenger.

Our experts will give a preliminary consultation to determine which internet to connect to a private house in your case (GPON or WiFi). Then, at the agreed time and day, our master will take all the necessary steps to connect the service and install the necessary equipment. After that, you just have to download a special application «WEB TV» in Google Play or App Store.

You can configure the service (s) yourself or use the help of the master.

For the internet in a private house service using GPON technology, the following tariff plans are valid:

  • Package «Comfort + WEB TV» - Internet up to 100 Mbps + TV package «Basic»
  • Package «Turbo + WEB TV» - Internet up to 400 Mbps + TV package «Basic»

If the connection is carried out using WiFi technology, the list of current tariff plans will differ:

  • Package «Wi Max 5 + WEB TV» - Internet up to 5 Mbps + TV package «Basic»
  • Package «Wi Max 10 + WEB TV» - Internet up to 10 Mbps + TV package «Basic»
  • Package «Wi Max 15 + WEB TV» - Internet up to 15 Mbps + TV package «Basic»
  • Benefit from connection

    One connection and a single tariff for using two services.

  • Tariff for your tasks

    A variety of existing tariff plans allows everyone to choose the most suitable option.

  • Connection without harm to repair

    All work on connecting services and installing equipment is carried out as carefully as possible and does not pose a danger to your repair.

  • Stable connection

    The company has its own fiber-optic network, which ensures a reliable and uninterrupted connection.

  • The ability to pause the broadcast

    Using WEB TV, you can stop broadcasting and return to viewing at a convenient time.

  • 24/7 support

    24/7 customer service support by phone and online.

To connect television and internet in the private sector, depending on the selected technology, the following items are used:

  • fiber optic cable;
  • twisted pair cable;
  • router;
  • antenna for wireless communication;
  • TV set-top box (if necessary).

The cable is provided by the company, the rest of the equipment can be bought by subscribers on their own or purchased from us. We will help with the choice and make a purchase discount when ordering services.

Television using WEB TV technology can be used not only on TV, but also on other devices that support IOS or Android. For example, smartphones and tablets. Thus, it is an excellent option to connect cheap internet and television at the summer house.

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