Actual tariffs for subscribers who have connected before 24.01.2019 are available here.

GEPON Technology is a subset of modern technologies of broadband access based on fiber. A distinctive feature of the PON (passive optical network) technology is that the entire distribution system is based exclusively on the passive components. In single fiber line signal differentiation  is performed on special optical power splitters.

Packages without calculation of the accepted and given traffic
Tariff package Internet IPTV on TV VLC on PC VoIP* Price with VAT
«Optimal +»


up to, Mbit/s

150 UAH/month.
акция-en «Comfort +»


up to, Mbit/s

180 UAH/month.
90 UAH/month.
акция-en «Leader +»


up to, Mbit/s

250 UAH/month.
125 UAH/month.
«Turbo +»


up to, Mbit/s

500 UAH/month
1.A static (real) IP address is included  for all tariff plans “GEPON”. Additional IP address is provided according to the company’s price list.
2. The cost of the connection for 1 point is 120 UAH/service
3. The cost of the cabling work is 7.00 UAH/m
4. Optic cable – 5.00 UAH/m
*the cost of the tariff plan of the service “Landline” is charged separately, according to the current prices.

TV package «Basic» is included into the tariff packages «GEPON»

The equipment required to connect to the GEPON technology.

The user terminal
ONU PICOTEL PU-E810 — 900,00 UAH
The user terminal
ONU PICOTEL PU-E710 — 900,00 UAH


• Transmission speed is up to 1 Gbit/sec in both directions;
• QoS via 802.1p / TOS. Guaranteed quality of service VoIP or VoD;
• Using a smaller number of active elements in the network ensures reliability;

• Streaming video (IGMP Snooping);
• Ease of installation and maintenance.

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