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How to configure TP-Link Archer А6/С6 router

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How to configure TP-Link Archer А6/С6 router

How to configure TP-Link Archer А6/С6 router




TP-Link Archer A6/C6 creates a reliable and fast network using 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The router lets you stream HD video and play lag-free online games on 5 GHz freeband at up to 867 Mbps, while keeping the 2.4GHz channel at up to 300Mbps for reading email, browsing the web and other daily tasks.

The main elements of TP-Link router:

  • Power - power connector
  • Power On/Off button - power On/Off button
  • Reset - internal button, which is used to reset the router settings
  • WPS/Wi-Fi On/Off - simplified access to Wi-Fi
  • Wan port - port for connecting the cable from your ISP
  • Lan port - ports for connecting home devices (computers, laptops, smart boxes, etc.)

Preparing for setup

  1. Connect the network cable from your provider to the WAN port (the leftmost port in the photo above, highlighted in blue).
  2. If you plan to configure the router via Wi-Fi network, switch on Wi-Fi in the settings of your laptop, tablet or phone. From the lists of available Wi-Fi networks, select TP-Link_9CD9 (last characters of the MAC address).
    An alternative way to connect would be to use a patchcord cable (it is included with the router, or you can use any other twisted pair cable) to connect your computer's network card and any of the LAN ports on the router.
  3. Make sure that «Automatic IP acquisition» is specified in the network card settings. To do this, select «Start» – «Settings» – «Network & Internet» – «Configure Adapter Settings» – «Ethernet» – «Properties».

  4. Open a browser on your device and enter the IP address or tplinkwifi.net in the address bar without quotes (be careful, the browser may substitute Latin O and l instead of 0, 1. Ignore it and enter the address manually).
  5. If the router has already been used, it may have been pre-configured and the Wi-Fi network may have a different name, be password-protected, or the address cannot be used to access the router's web-interface, or the administrator password does not fit. In this case, the easiest solution is to reset the router to factory settings. To do this, use a paper clip or any other thin object to press «RESET» for 10-15 seconds, and then wait a minute for the router to reboot.
    After rebooting, depending on the firmware, the login and password will be «admin» or prompt you to create a new password.

  6. After entering the router menu, go to «Advanced» – «Network» – «Internet».
    • 6.1. In the first line «Internet Connection Type» select «Dynamic IP».
    • 6.2. In the menu «MAC Clone» select «Use Custom MAC Address» and enter the data that was given in technical support (or it can be viewed in the personal cabinet).
    • 6.3. Next, click «Save» and check. You should get the network settings: IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS. After that Internet access will be restored.

Setting up a Wi-Fi network

  1. Go to «Advanced» – «Wireless» – «Wireless Settings».
  2. Switch on the «Smart Connect» function. This feature allows devices to work faster by assigning them the best wireless range based on conditions to balance basic requests. When connected, a single Wi-Fi network will be displayed, but it includes 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  3. Then enter the name of the Wi-Fi network, select «Security WPA/WPA2 Personal». Enter the password and press «Save».

We also recommend to switch on TxBF,MU-MIMO function and tick this function in this menu to improve network performance and WI-Fi signal level.

Set the password for logging into the web interface

A strong password is required to log into the web interface in order to keep your network safe. To update:

  1. Go to «Advanced» – «System Tools» – «Administration».
  2. Enter the current password and 2 times a new one, click «Save» – and you can enter the router with the new data. When creating a password, it is recommended to use capital and small letters and numbers. The password difficulty level is displayed when you type it. Make a note of your new password so that you don't forget it.

Data backup

After you have configured the Internet via cable and Wi-Fi, updated the password to the web-interface, you can save all this data as a file on a computer or flash drive in case of failure of the router or voltage fluctuations in the house:

  1. «Advanced» – «System Tools» – «Backup & Restore».
  2. Click the «Backup» button and specify the path where the file will be stored.

If next time the router needs to be reset to factory settings, it will be much easier to set it up:

  1. Go to the same menu «Backup & Restore», but now opposite the item «Restore» press «Browse» and find the file that we previously saved.
  2. Press «Restore» and in the menu that appears press «Ok». In a minute you will be able to enter the router menu and all the data you saved will be there.

Here is the algorithm of basic router configuration, which is sufficient to ensure the functionality of the Internet service. If you wish, you can make additional settings according to the capabilities of this model at your discretion.



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