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TOP-20 most visited websites in 2023. We analyze the ratings in Ukraine and in the world

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TOP-20 most visited websites in 2023. We analyze the ratings in Ukraine and in the world

TOP-20 most visited websites in 2023. We analyze the ratings in Ukraine and in the world




About 2 billion websites — this is the number of web resources in the world wide web at the beginning of 2023. Whereas ten years ago this figure was only 6.5 million. Can you imagine how in such a competitive field sites have to fight for the attention of their users? To find out which websites are doing it best, read our article.

The most popular websites in the world

Let's start by analyzing the world preferences of Internet users. According to the analytical service SimilarWeb for September 2023, the top ten most frequently visited sites in the world look like this:

The first ten positions in the world ranking of web resources remain virtually unchanged. Google remains the leader in terms of visits. As we can see, the largest number of places are occupied by social networking sites — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp — and search engines — Google (USA), Baidu (China).

Moving below, the ranking of websites by popularity in the world is as follows:

Topping the second ten is the adult site xvideos.com. Besides it, there are pornhub.com and xnxx.com from a similar category. Also quite popular are online social networking sites: Tiktok (China), which has moved up one position compared to August 2023, displacing xnxx.com, as well as Reddit (USA) and LinkedIn (USA).

Plus, SimilarWeb allows you to see how sites rank for a specific category or country. Therefore, we decided to find out in what order the sites were placed, the pages of which were visited by the largest number of Ukrainians over the same period.

TOP 10 most popular sites by audience from Ukraine

According to SimilarWeb, the top ten most visited sites by Ukrainians in September 2023 look like this:

From the analysis of the obtained data it follows that Ukrainian users are most interested in informational content. Thus, among the sites of news and media publications that made it to the top ten are ukr.net, censor.net, pravda.com.ua. Ukrainians also actively use the Google search engine and entertain themselves by watching relevant content on the online platform YouTube (youtube.com).

In contrast to the top ten sites by traffic in the world, when analyzing a similar ranking for Ukraine, we can already observe some changes compared to the previous month. In particular, the news Internet service ukr.net took the 4th place, moving the weather site sinoptik.ua to the 5th place. Also, the news portal Censor.NET (censor.net) and the online media Ukrayinska Pravda (pravda.com.ua), which is devoted to Europe, NATO and reforms in Ukraine, changed positions. And the website of the public online encyclopedia Wikipedia (wikipedia.org) rose four steps.

Do you wonder what kind of picture is in the second top ten of the rating? Let's take a look.

The second ten sites most often visited by Ukrainians

Here we can see an increase in the popularity of certain information resources: the Ukrainian Internet publication of socio-political orientation Obozrevatel (obozrevatel.com) and the online service alerts.in.ua, which visualizes information about air alerts and other threats on the map of Ukraine. Both sites moved up 4 positions. At the same time, the all-Ukrainian news website TSN.ua (tsn.ua) dropped 7 positions in the rating.

Not one, but two websites of marketplaces and online stores entered the list of popular web resources of the second ten: prom.ua, which moved to the 14th place by the amount of traffic, and rozetka.com.ua, which took the 18th place, overtaking the Ukrainian news portal rbc.ua.


So, the first place in terms of traffic both in the world and in Ukraine is occupied by the site of the Google search engine. The second and third positions are occupied by the video service YouTube and social network Facebook, respectively. But the site of the American company-developer of artificial intelligence OpenAI (openai.com) is still only approaching the top 20: in the world ranking for September it rose from 21st to 22nd place, in Ukrainian — from 53rd to 41st.

Taking into account the current situation in Ukraine, in the list of web resources actively visited by Ukrainians, a large share belongs to news sites. This is explained by the continuation of military operations on our territory and the desire of citizens to keep abreast of events. Of course, the weather remains an interesting topic for many people. Compared to the situation in the first half of 2022, Ukrainians have increased their interest in online shopping. Stably high positions for social networking sites. And quite high activity is observed on sites with entertainment and television content.





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