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Why video slows down and freezes on the phone

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Why video slows down and freezes on the phone

Why video slows down and freezes on the phone




Do you want to watch a video or clip on your phone, but it freezes endlessly, and it just drives you crazy? There are several solutions to improve the situation. In this article, we will look at the common reasons why video can slow down when watching online on Android, and we will offer methods that will speed up devices.

Types of malfunction

First, you need to decide how often the failure occurs. Android smartphone users most often complain about such problems:

  • video slows down from time to time or interrupts completely;
  • the video lags behind the sound or, conversely, it is ahead of it;
  • the YouTube video is not loaded, Android does not even start it.

Troubleshooting methods:

  1. Check access. First, check if the router is switched on, if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi. If there is no connection, try rebooting the router.
  2. Close the excess. If there are too many applications open on the phone and dozens of tabs in the browser, the phone's RAM is loaded and there is not enough technical power to load new information. In this case, the video may load very slowly. A clear sign of overload is overheating of the phone. Close the programs that you are not using now, restart the device, or even better - let it cool down and take a break from work.
  3. Switch to a frequency free of neighbors. At rush hour, when many return from work and connect to their home Wi-Fi, everyone immediately drops speed. Reconfigure your router to 5GHz. In this case, the signal radius will be reduced, but within its limits you will be better protected from interference.
  4. Turn off devices. If too many devices are connected to the same source, the internet speed will be shared and, as a result, they will work slower. Turn off phones, tablets, laptops that you are not using at the moment.

Causes of video freezing

Standard YouTube application

If the YouTube application installed on your phone does not start on the first try, the problem may be hiding in the program itself. Oddly enough, previous versions of YouTube are more stable. Therefore, you can try to uninstall the current version and install an older one on your phone. Go to app settings, clear cache and set default settings.

Outdated software or its mismatch

If video slows down in Chrome on Android, follow the reverse logic. Internet resources assume the use of the latest version, and if you neglect updates, problems cannot be avoided. If possible, update the browser you use. Better yet, set it to auto-update. Among other things, it will also enhance the protection of your data.
By the way, changing the browser is also a good option. Here are the top fastest for today for Android:

  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • UC Browser;
  • Puffin Browser;
  • Via Browser.

Lack of physical memory on a smartphone

Even for videos that are downloaded online, you need a reserve of internal memory. It is so full sometimes that there is simply not enough free space to run YouTube. You should not be surprised: about half of the space is initially occupied by system files and applications, the rest you upload yourself. We advise you to think about expanding the physical memory by purchasing a MicroSD.


If the video on the phone often freezes and loads slowly, and YouTube slows down endlessly, often this is not the fault of the internet provider. The problem can be in the router, software, and even in the gadget itself. Use the tips from this article — and your devices will work like clockwork.



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