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Innovative Kharkiv: famous and not only inventions of the city of modern technologies

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Innovative Kharkiv: famous and not only inventions of the city of modern technologies

Innovative Kharkiv: famous and not only inventions of the city of modern technologies




Kharkiv has always been considered a city rich in new discoveries in the fields of engineering, medicine, energy, technology and many others. Therefore, we decided to ask in more detail about the authorship of which inventions belong to Kharkiv citizens. And we offer you the collected interesting facts.

Inventions in the automotive sector

Here we should start by mentioning the Kharkiv National Automobile and Road University (KNARU, formerly KARI). Its V.K.Nikitin educational and scientific testing laboratory of high-speed cars is included in the State Register of scientific objects that constitute national heritage. In the mid-20th century, Volodymyr Nikitin was the head of the Laboratory of High-Speed Automobiles of KARI. And he was also a car racer, author of world records and designer of record-breaking cars "Kharkiv".

In general, 34 projects of cars were created in KNARU, including racing, sports, record racing and tourist cars. The cars took part in Formula 3 races, Renault World Series and other prestigious championships. And university athletes have set 42 records, 16 of which exceed world achievements.

Racing eco-mobile

In 2016, students of KNARU invented an economical fuel, only 1 liter of which allows you to overcome 570 kilometers. And the designers of the Kharkiv Polytechnic created an eco-mobile on the basis of an ordinary passenger car, which is characterized by a silent start and low noise while driving. The vehicle has a supercapacitor under the hood and a 300-kilogram battery, which is charged when braking and driving down the mountain.

Inventions in the field of medicine

Kharkiv citizens have something and someone to be proud of in the medical field too.

Liquid jet scalpel

In 2014, scientists from V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and Kyiv National Aviation University developed a liquid jet scalpel. Externally, the device resembles a drill from a dental office with two attached scalpels of large and smaller diameter, which are used for operations on human internal organs (removal of tumor metastases from the liver, stomach) and treatment of abscesses.

The uniqueness of the invention is that during operations the liquid scalpel practically does not damage the vascular system. All thanks to the technology used in the aircraft industry: a high-pressure water jet removes non-muscular tissue, while the vessels of the organ remain intact. This allows minimizing blood loss during surgical interventions, performing surgeries twice as fast as usual, and shortening the postoperative recovery period of patients.

Bloodless blood analysis

Kharkiv scientist Anatolyi Malykhin has realized the dream of those who are afraid of injections and punctures — he has created a device called Bioray. It allows the blood analysis to be bloodless. For this purpose, 5 sensors are attached to certain parts of the human body, and in a special computer program the patient's data (age, sex, height, weight, respiration and pulse rate) are entered. And in 5 minutes 131 health indicators are displayed on the computer screen. The invention is used in medical clinics not only in Ukraine, but also in the Czech Republic, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Mexico.

Inventions in the field of technology

Kharkiv has a great potential for the development of technological, including the IT, sphere. In particular, in terms of the number of IT-companies and IT-specialists it is confidently ahead of other regions of Ukraine, second only to Kiev. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first Ukrainian capital can boast of inventions in the field of technology as well.

The movie camera

"But the inventors of the movie camera are the Lumière brothers!" — you may object. That's right: it was they who in 1895 in Paris were the first to demonstrate their Cinematograph — an apparatus that shot and demonstrated short films. But two years before the invention of the Lumiere brothers, a similar device for filming and showing movies was developed by Joseph Timchenko, a native of Kharkov region. Here, in the mechanical workshop of Kharkшv University, he received his education, and soon moved to Odessa. In 1893, in the city by the sea, the world's first movies were premiered thanks to the kinescope invented by Ukrainian Joseph Timchenko. However, it was French manufacturers of photographic equipment that became world famous.

GitLab system

This is a platform for hosting and collaborating on code, created by Kharkiv programmers Dmitro Zaporozhets and Valeriy Syzov. The first version of the program appeared in October 2011, and in 2014 GitLab was registered as a company. Regarding the program itself, it allows to simplify the input and storage of source code of projects "in the cloud". The principle is simple: every time developers make changes to the code of projects, these changes are displayed to other participants. The tool is especially interesting for large companies, where a large number of developers work on each project. Now GitLab is used by more than 1000 organizations, including SpaceX by Ilon Musk, Alibaba, IBM and others.

We hope that you were interested to learn something new about the achievements of Kharkiv citizens and discoveries made near you. And what famous inventions of Kharkiv countrymen do you know about? Share them in the comments.



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