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Digital television DVB-C

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Digital television in Kharkiv

Among the various broadcast formats, DVB-C cable digital television is recognized as the most practical. In comparison with satellite, it is faster and easier to set up, and in image quality it surpasses analog TV. Thanks to digital television, viewers have access to hundreds of channels and thousands of series on demand.

A digital TV connection is perfect for home theater and stereo use. You will be able to fully appreciate all the advantages of digital in DVB-C format:

  • high definition video and TV programs (does not «snow» and does not flicker);
  • stereo sound;
  • voluminous, colorful picture;
  • smooth channel switching;
  • a large selection of TV channels by interests (sports, travel, art, etc.).

Digital cable TV format DVB-C, one of the standards of modern television. It allows you to watch digital channels in HD quality, which are provided by cable provider Maxnet.

DVB-C – Uses the MPEG-4 motion and audio coding standard. Thanks to MPEG-4 video codecs, you can transfer twice the amount of information with the available bandwidth. At the same time, the image does not lose quality. The MPEG-4 compression standard enables broadcast quality up to the HDTV (High Definition Television) standard.

Internet provider Maxnet undertakes connection of digital television DVB-C through a television cable, which is brought into the apartment. If your TV supports the DVB-C standard, there is no need to buy an additional set-top box, the cable connects directly to the TV via the digital input. On average, it takes 10-15 minutes.

  • You can apply for connection on the company website.
  • To find out more about the service and connection options, you can call:
    • 0800-31-0800;
    • (057) 720-9-720
  • Leave a message on a social networks or messenger: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram.

At the appointed time, the master will come to you, lay the cable, connect it to the equipment and make the necessary settings. You will also receive an agreement with a personal account number, login and password to enter your personal account.

Enjoy great digital image quality right from the moment you connect. You must pay a subscription fee no later than 7 days from connection.

To connect DVB-C, you will need:

  • Coaxial cable RG-6.
  • Splitter.
  • Conax (CAM) module with a software package activation card. The card refers to returnable equipment, and if you cancel the service when the equipment is turned off, it is returned to the provider under the Act.
  • Tuner with support for DVB-C, for TV models that do not support this format.
  • TV tuner with DVB-C support and card reader for the activation card of the software package from the provider, if you want to use digital cable TV on a personal computer.

You can configure digital channels yourself, for this you need to select the following parameters in the TV menu:

  • The initial broadcasting frequency is 514 MHz.
  • The final broadcasting frequency is 314 MHz.
  • Symbol rate - 6875.
  • Modulation (transmission of information using a radio signal) - 256 QAM.
  • Network search - incl.

The following frequencies are suitable for manual tuning in Megahertz: 274, 282, 290, 298, 306, 314.

The setup algorithm and the list of necessary steps may differ depending on the brand of TV.

Additional information on setting up digital cable television from Maxnet can be found in the «Frequently Asked Questions» section by clicking the link.

  • Requires no additional equipment if your TV supports DVB-C format.
  • Fast configuration of digital channels.
  • Stable signal that does not depend on bad weather conditions (strong wind, snow).
  • Clear picture and immersive cinema sound.
  • The ability to watch videos on large screens.
  • Support for the "Parental Control" function.
  • Parallel use of digital TV with analog CTV.

Look at the year your TV was manufactured. If it's released after 2004 then it most likely has a digital decoder in it. And since 2009, all TV models have support for the DVB-C format.

Refer to your TV user manual for technical specifications that indicate whether the device supports DVB-C signal.

TVs manufactured before 1998 do not have a digital tuner. To run digital cable TV on them, you need a TV tuner with DVB-C support.

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