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A data center or data processing center (DPC) is a technological solution for storing, processing and distributing customer data. Physically, the network and server equipment is located in a special secure room, where certain climatic conditions and uninterrupted power supply are maintained. The data center also uses secure communication channels for data transfer. Thus, the data center is a technological platform with a special environment that ensures stable and trouble-free operation of the equipment and reliable protection of all data placed in it.

Service benefits

Stable and uninterrupted operation of Your internet projects


based on modern equipment undergoing regular modernization

Flexible configurations

a wide range of settings and optimization for the client's tasks


the ability to connect additional services


uninterrupted operation and constant availability of resources

24/7 support

round the clock professional consultation of specialists


safety and protection of customer data at all stages of work

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Benefits of data center using
  1. reliability — a high level of equipment protection, data backup, protection of systems from Ddos attacks;
  2. cost-effectiveness — no costs for servicing and maintaining the smooth operation of the system;
  3. scalability — the ability to change the server configuration at any time to suit your needs.

Placing data in the data center ensures high speed and quality of the connection, as well as data integrity and security. This allows you to speed up most work processes, minimize the risks of physical damage to the server, and save on the costs associated with providing the necessary conditions for its operation.

Thus, data center services will be useful for organizations and enterprises that work with large amounts of data and care about their security. For example, banks, medical institutions, insurance companies, etc. It is also a great solution for companies that want to reduce their costs, often move or work remotely.

«Maxnet» data center works as follows: there is a room with special climatic conditions where cabinets with servers are located. Each such cabinet is provided with access to power supply and the internet. Backup power and cooling systems are also provided. Thanks to them, specialists servicing the data center carry out preventive and repair work without stopping the server. It allows them to quickly eliminate any malfunctions. The room itself is under guard and video surveillance, and the entry of unauthorized persons into it is prohibited.

A cloud or virtual data center is access to all the resources of a physical data center through the cloud. In this way, the client receives an isolated part of the server for use, with the ability to easily make any necessary configurations.

In terms of its capabilities, a cloud DPC does not concede a physical one, and solves a wider range of clients' tasks. Its main advantages include:

  • remote control — a client independently manages the cloud infrastructure;
  • flexibility — the ability to easily and quickly change any settings to suit your needs;
  • reliable data protection and their quick recovery if necessary;
  • data mobility — access to all resources at any time and in any place where there is access to the internet;
  • prompt technical support 24/7/365;
  • cost savings — no equipment and maintenance costs.

Our experts will provide you with detailed consultation on all the services and capabilities of the data center and help you choose an effective solution for your needs.



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