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Account replenishment methods

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Account replenishment methods

Account replenishment methods




Account replenishment methods

Dear subscribers!

We are currently receiving requests for cash payment options. For your convenience, we have collected the most accessible ways to replenish your personal account.

1. At the cash desk of the «Nova Poshta" departments. Replenishment is carried out according to the bank details of the company: LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY «MAXNET» p/a UA033808050000000026008535401 in the bank JSC «Raiffeisen Bank Aval», USREOU code 34633951 Purpose of payment: full name, address, personal account or Landline number

2. From April 1, 2022, at the cash register in the «Chudo Market» supermarket chain. Instructions: tell the cashier that you need to pay for Maxnet services, and you will receive a check valuating 100 UAH per 1 check.

The check will contain a special code that you need to enter in the message in our Telegram chatbot @Maxnet_support_bot to credit funds.

*Please note that the required amount to receive 1 check with a special replenishment code is 100 UAH. If you need to replenish your account with more than 100 UAH, you need to purchase 2 or more of these checks. At the same time, the remaining funds that exceed the amount of replenishment will be automatically credited as an advance payment for the next month of using the services.

3. At the terminals of PrivatBank, indicating the number of the personal account or using the bank details of the company indicated above.

Non-cash payment options:

1. Through the Privat24, Monobank or Alfa Bank (Sense) application, indicating the personal account number in the «Payments», «Internet and TV», «Maxnet» sections.

2. Through the Portmone payment system, indicating the personal account number in the «Internet" or «TV», «Maxnet» section.

We are also working on the development of other ways to replenish the balance, and sincerely thank you for the timely payment for the services.

Take care of yourself and, if possible, try not to go outside from shelters.

Yours faithfully, "Maxnet" team