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Special day for the Maxnet team

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Special day for the Maxnet team

Special day for the Maxnet team




Special day for the Maxnet team

Dear subscribers!

Today is a special day for the «Maxnet» team. This day, 20 years ago, the history of our company began. Throughout all these years, we have been confidently stepping forward every day, improving and expanding the range of services for you and making every effort to fully satisfy the request of each of our subscribers. During this time, we have succeeded a lot, we have become a part of the largest specialized organizations in Ukraine, have established ourselves in the international market and have become partners of international corporations.

Now is a difficult time for all of us, but we believe that together we will overcome all difficulties and solemnly celebrate the victory of our Ukraine. We thank you for your support, for all your kind words and comments. They inspire us to keep working and improving for you, even if it costs heroic effort. Thank you for being with us!

We believe in Ukraine, we believe in Victory, we believe in Kharkiv!

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team