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Join users of services based on GPON technology

Join users of services based on GPON technology




Dear subscribers!

We continue to expand the geography of our GPON coverage, providing you with the opportunity to use Internet, Digital TV (Web TV) and Telephony services even in the absence of electricity.

To date, we have further expanded the list of built-up houses: in part of the Oleksiivka neighborhood, as well as residential complexes in Oleksiivka, Sokilnyky Residential Complex and Gidropark Residential Complex. Here GPON technology services became available for connection to the following addresses:

  • Saltiv highway: 264Б, 264В, 264Г, 264Д, 264І, 264К, 264Л, 264М, 264Н;
  • Drahomanov St.: 4, 6, 6Б, 6В, 6Г, 8;
  • Akhsarov St.: 16, 18, 20;
  • Ludwig Svoboda Ave.: 20, 20А, 24, 26, 28, 28А, 30;
  • Myroslav Mysla St.: 56Б, 58А;
  • Professorska St.: 12, 14, 16, 18;
  • Bortkiewicz St.: 1, 3, 5;
  • Guards-Shyronintsiv St.: 29А, 70, 70Б, 72А, 72В, 74Б, 74Г.

Now the residents of these houses have an opportunity to lay fiber optic cable and connect our services to enjoy all the advantages of GPON technology.

If you have acquaintances at the listed addresses, you can recommend them to connect to Maxnet on promotional offers to get for yourself and friends bonus months of using our services under the loyalty program Recommend Maxnet.

Loyalty programme details.

Yours faithfully, Maxnet team