Internet. Additional services*

Service Name Price, UAH
including VAT
UTP 5E «twisted pair» cable, 1 m. 7,00
RG 6 cable, 1 m. 5,00
Splitter 35,00
Changing the MAC-address 0,00
Tariff plan change 0,00
Password change 0,00
Setting up the router 60,00
Visit of the specialist to a Internet subscriber for diagnose problems of the subscriber’s equipment or software 60,00
Visit of the specialist to a Internet subscriber to solve problems with the tap in the apartment subscriber 60,00
Visit of the specialist to a Internet subscriber to install and configure Wi-Fi equipment (1 device) 60,00
Reconnect after paying off debt 50,00
Setting up the OS, installing programs that do not require a license purchase, restoring the PC work (minimum paid time — 1 hour), 1 hour of operation 150,00
SMART TV, IPTV set-top box setting up 60,00
Dismantling the cable in the apartment / private house 100/120
Pre-cabling UTP 5E cable (up to 30 m) 240,00
RG-6 pre-cabling (up to 24 m) 150,00
Replacing the network card (the cost of the network card is not included) 60,00
Installation of the outlet (Internet/cable TV), excluding the cost of the outlet 50,00
Connector replacement (1 pc.) 25,00
UTP Patch Cord (excluding the cost of the cable spent) 50,00
Cabling in a hidden way (plinth, suspended ceiling, duct) 1 m. 10,00
Substitution of the subscriber tap (the cost of the material is according to the price list) 60,00
Renewal of the lost contract. Renewal / connection to another person 10,00
Connecting individuals on the day of order if there is a technical feasibility. To do this, leave a request until 12:00. (more)


ATTENTION! Dear subscribers, the tariff plan change can be made from the 1st to the 26th day of each month, using the function «Tariff plan change» in your personal account.


Service Name Price, UAH including VAT
Registering an IP Address 0,00
Additional IP Address 30,00
Mail filters 0,00
RPOP-account 0,00