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How to set up a Totolink A3002R router as a repeater

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How to set up a Totolink A3002R router as a repeater

How to set up a Totolink A3002R router as a repeater




If you have several routers at your disposal, one of them can be used as a repeater to strengthen the signal and thereby increase the coverage area. To do so, you will need to bridge between the pair of devices. See our instructions on how to do this correctly.

The Totolink A3002R router as a repeater is configured through the basic setup quite simply:

  1. In the router settings, go to the basic settings and select the “Network Repeater mode”.

  2. Click “Scan” and select the Wi-Fi network of the first router from the list.

    If we want our second router to expand the existing Wi-Fi network of the main router, check the box next to the “Broadcast network” item.

  3. Click "Next". The password you provided in the previous step will automatically “pull up” from the settings.

  4. Click "Finish". After applying the settings and rebooting the router, it will work as a repeater and expand the existing Wi-Fi network.

If necessary, it will also be possible to use the LAN ports of the router by connecting devices (for example, a computer or a smart set-top box) to it with a cable. This does not require any additional settings.

If you later need to change the mode of operation of the router, the easiest option is to reset it to factory settings. To do this, on the back of the router with the power on, you will need to hold down the “Reset” button for 5 seconds and wait until it reboots.



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