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How to use service “Autopayment” via Portmone

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How to use service “Autopayment” via Portmone

How to use service “Autopayment” via Portmone


Maxnet subscribers


Service "Autopayment" through Portmone gives possibility to automate your regular payments for services of "Maxnet" company. This convenient solution saves your time and eliminates the need to search for the method of recharge each time. You can activate the service in your Personal account, simply by linking your bank card to "Autopayment".

To activate "Autopayment" service you should:

  1. Login to Personal account.
  2. Go to the “Top up account” section and select the “Visa/Mastercard via Portmone” method of payment.
  3. Enter an arbitrary amount for the first payment and put a tick mark next to the "Autopayment" option.

Below are the key terms and conditions regulated by the user's public agreement. We recommend that you read them before activating the service.

  • The card details from which the current top-up was made will be used to make the following payments automatically.
  • If you do not activate it, the payment will be done in the usual way - as a one-time payment.
  • If there are not enough funds on your card to make a payment corresponding to your services, the payment will not be made and the service will be automatically deactivated. In this case "Autopayment" has to be reactivated.

To cancel the "Autopayment" service, simply press the "Disable autopayment" button at any time.



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